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Magnolia Homes For Sale - Facts to Consider for People Looking at Magnolia Homes for Sale

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If you are thinking about Magnolia homes for sale, here are some facts to take into consideration. First and foremost, the population of this city in Arkansas is about eleven thousand people. There are quite a few more women than men, with twelve women for every ten men. The average age of people in the area is about thirty three years old, slightly lower than the state average of thirty six. The population density is fairly low, with about twelve hundred people per square mile.

A factor to consider when thinking about buying Magnolia homes for sale is the average household income. Half of the homes in the city earn an income of over twenty nine thousand dollars, with 18.5 thousand dollars being earned for each person in the city each year. Most homes in the area are worth more than ninety three thousand dollars, with the prices of new homes being sold for an average of a hundred and twenty two dollars.

For an idea of the education and work experience of neighbors in the area, seventy five percent of the people over the age of twenty five in the area have earned at least a high school diploma. Another factor to consider with thinking about whether you are interested in buying Magnolia homes that are for sale is the percentage of people with a college degree, which is about a quarter of the population. Seven percent have a graduate or a professional degree. Eight percent of the population is unemployed, and the average drive to work is only fourteen minutes.

You might consider the relationship status of people in the area to be an important factor when considering buying Magnolia homes for sale. If so, for those who are over the age of fifteen, about 31 percent have never been married and forty four percent are currently married, with 3.4 percent of them separated. About ten percent of the population is divorced, and twelve percent widowed.

If you consider it to be relevant, only one percent of the population was born outside of the United States.

Real estate property taxes in the area are about 0.6 percent. If the closeness of larger cities is an important factor, the closest location with a population of larger than two hundred thousand is Shreveport, LA, located about sixty four miles away. The closest city with over a million residents is Dallas, TX, over two hundred miles away. About seventy three percent of the people who live in the city work in the city.

One important consideration when thinking about Magnolia homes for sale is the crime rate. Despite being a relatively small city, the crime rate is somewhat higher than the national average. The crime index fell between 592 and 414 in the period from 1999 to 2008, while the national average during that time fell from 339 to 293. The murder rate, however, averaged 3.8 per hundred thousand people, less than the national average that fell between 5.7 and 5.3. The number of auto thefts was also considerably lower than the national average.

If you are looking for work in the area, or simply want to get any idea of the types of neighbors you might have, the most popular industries in the area might be informative in making a decision to look at Magnolia homes for sale. Twelve percent of the men and twenty three percent of the women worked in education. Nine percent of the men worked with metal, seven percent with chemicals, six percent with wood, four percent in construction. Twelve percent of the women and six percent of the men worked in food service as well as accommodation. Five percent of the women and four percent of the men worked in public administration. Eleven percent of the women worked in health care, six percent in social services, four percent in department stores, and three percent in food and beverage stores.

The temperature in the area is only slightly higher than the national average. In the summers the daily average peaks at about eighty, with a daily high of a little over ninety. In the winter, the daily average hits a bottom of just over forty, with daily lows of about thirty. Precipitation is slightly higher than average, as is the humidity, with wind speeds being a little low, less than an inch of snowfall, and about average sunlight.

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