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Vita Mix 4500 - Is Your Kitchen Complete Without a Vita Mix 4500 Blender?

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Vitamix Corporation was founded, in the 1920s, by W.G. Barnard, a salesman of home products. In 1937, he added a blender to his product line and demonstrated its features in each home. When television came onto the scene in 1949, W.G. made a 30-minute demonstration commercial that ran in the Cleveland market and was the first direct response commercial ever made. People could see the need to add a blender to their kitchen, and the company has never stopped developing more powerful machines for the product line, including the Vita Mix 4500 blender with its strong construction, versatile features, and innumerable uses.

A two-horsepower motor is housed in the black base and offers the chef two speeds for more control over the blending action. With 1380 watts of power, the Vita Mix 4500 can handle virtually any combination of ingredients and produce the consistency desired. Repetitive use never overheats the motor because thermal protection has been built into the housing assembly and protects the motor from heat build-up. This blender is confidently covered by a 5-year warranty. Sitting atop the base is a 64-ounce Tritan Copolyester container that houses the all-metal wet blade assembly. In the event the container is damaged during the course of cleaning or use, the replacement container is readily available, but the design is so durable, replacement is rarely necessary. When the container is married to the base, the metal gear that drives the blades fits perfectly into the metal assembly in the motor. Power to turn the blades is delivered in perfect alignment to prevent wear on the bearings, which will mean a lifetime of hard work.

While many blender designs will leave unmixed ingredients along the upper sides of the container, the patented design of the blades within the Vita Mix 4500 blender are specially designed to pull the ingredients into the blades. During operation with the lid safely covering the container top, the center of the two-piece thermoplastic lid can be removed to add ingredients or use the tamper. Perfectly sized for use during operation the tamper will never reach into the blades as long as the outer lid is in place, so dislodging a jam above the blade level can be accomplished safely. High and low speeds are available to allow more control over the blade action when different consistencies of blended foods are required. Strong parts that are easy to disassemble for cleaning, and then reassemble for continued use, make the Vita Mix 4500 a workhorse in the kitchen or the bar.

Eating whole fruits and vegetables can be difficult and time consuming unless the Vita Mix 4500 is used to produce tasty smoothies and juices. Beneficial soluble fiber and nutritious pulp remain in the food instead of being separated and discarded. Simple recipes can be used to make delicious fruit combinations for healthy after-school snacks. For the party’s bartender, frozen drinks are easy to prepare in large enough quantities to satisfy multiple guests with each full blender. The blade assembly is strong enough to make nut butters and even grind meats for all the healthy nutrition a family requires. Health-conscious mothers can prepare baby food at home and know the exact ingredients included. Soups, fondues, sauces, and desserts can be made more quickly when ingredients are combined and blended to the perfect consistency in the Vita Mix 4500. Simple tasks like shredding cheese and crushing ice will require just a few seconds. Dips and salsa come out with the perfect combination of spices and are ready to eat.

Decades of design improvements and company commitment to customer satisfaction make the Vita Mix 4500 one of the most versatile and reliable blenders every made. Through repeated use and experimentation every cook will develop more uses for the blender while preparing recipes for any size meal. Fruits and vegetables will be more easily incorporated into the family diet without debate. Invest in the best-known blender brand on the market and learn to use the appliance for tasks that have taken more time than necessary before its arrival. Even with daily use this blender will last for years, and customer service will probably never be needed, but if something happens, Vitamix Corporation is known for standing behind every product.

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