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Mechanical Engineering Online - How to Learn Mechanical Engineering Online

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Mechanical engineering is an incredible field of study that is rapidly growing. Advancements in technology have put mechanical engineers in high demand, and many people are looking to become familiarized with mechanical engineering simply for the joy of creating. It is not an easy subject, however, and while it’s entirely possible for you to build a well of knowledge online, you have to know where to look and, in fact, what you are looking for. There are many valuable resources for learning mechanical engineering online, and sometimes, the task of finding what’s right for you can be daunting.

With the Internet, the ability to learn most of the necessary skills is available to anyone willing to make the effort. Resources for where and how to safely gain hands-on experience can also be found online, and can give you everything you need to start working and understanding mechanical engineering soon.

One of the most effective ways to gather the necessary materials for building a comprehensive understanding of mechanical engineering online is to seek out degree programs available through the Internet. Many universities offer distance education opportunities, allowing students do to most of their coursework off-campus.

However, they often require on-campus work, and if your aim is to learn all there is to know from purely online resources, then you are left with two choices: either enroll in an online university to receive a guided, accredited, formal education on mechanical engineering, or search online for the information on your own.

There are benefits to all three options, and their usefulness and relevance are dependent on your personal goals for learning mechanical engineering online.

If you are looking to make a career in mechanical engineering, online degree programs through an accredited university would be most appropriate. If your local university does not offer a suitable online degree program, there are a multitude of accredited online programs available. The top ten accredited online universities offering mechanical engineering programs online are:

University of Phoenix (http://www.phoenix.edu/)
/> Kaplan University (
/> DeVry University (
/> Strayer University (
/> Penn Foster College (
Ashford University (http://www.ashford.edu/home/)
/> American InterContinental University (
/> Liberty University (
/> Colorado Technical University (
/> Everest University (

These online universities offer degree programs ranging from associates to doctorate level, and give students generous timelines to complete the course work. By enrolling in one of these programs, you guarantee that you will be receiving a complete and comprehensive education on mechanical engineering. More such programs can be found at AskEdu.net (http://www.askedu.net/online.asp?course=Mechanical+Engineering) and Education-Portal.com (http://education-portal.com/directory/category/Engineering/Mechanical_Engineering.html). These universities are familiar with formulating programs to meet the needs of busy individuals and can easily put together a system for getting a degree in a realistic and feasible amount of time.

But if you’re interested in putting together your own curriculum, perhaps for your own enjoyment or simplistic hobby use, then the Internet is the perfect resource. FreeVideoLectures.com offers a wide variety of information on mechanical engineering in a comfortable online setting. Mechanical-Engineering.in also has a very valuable forum (http://mechanical-engineering.in/forum/videos/), where videos and information are shared. Another excellent resource is the MIT Open Courseware site (http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mechanical-engineering/), where anyone can access the excellent material that MIT has to offer and learn mechanical engineering online. A similar program is offered by UC Berkley (http://webcast.berkeley.edu/course_details.php?seriesid=1906978346) and can add greatly to one’s understanding of mechanical engineering, all online, free, and entirely at your convenience.

Mechanical engineering is a wonderful field of study with innumerable applications, and can be anything from a fulfilling career to an exciting hobby. With the resources available online, there is no reason that, with a little time and dedication, that you cannot become knowledgeable and familiar with the fascinating world of mechanical engineering.

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