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Radio Flyer Toys

children ride wagons range

Radio Flyer is perhaps best known for its iconic Little Red Wagon, which has been a classic American toy for generations.Today, the Radio Flyer line has expanded to include scooters, ride-ons, trikes, and rocking horses. Radio Flyer toys all offer the simple, classic qualities that many expect when they hear the Radio Flyer name.

Staying true to its roots, Radio Flyer toys still manufatures a wide range of wagons. These wagons generally fall into two categories: those that children pull along and those that children ride on. The classic Little Red Wagon is still available and it falls into the former category. Other pulling wagons are also offered for young children. The Classic Walker Wagon is excellent for toddlers who have recently learned to walk and who may still need some support while they get around. Other, more unique designs, such as the children’s Wheelbarrow, offer a bit of variety in the wagon department.

When it comes to riding wagons, Radio Flyer offers a range. Many of these wagons are large enough to seat more than one child. The Ultimate Family Wagon, for example, seats two children comfortably and features a covered top to protect from the elements. Many of Radio Flyer’s riding wagons offer a covered option, which is ideal for children with sensitive skin or living in wet climates.

A range of tricycles for young children aged two years and up is available from Radio Flyer, as well. Many of these trikes, such as the Grow ‘N Go Trike and the Slider Rider are suitable for children as young as two to five years old, making them ideal first tricycles. Other options, such as the Ultimate Classic Trike and the Steer & Stroll line provide a pushing and steering system for parents walking behind their child’s tricycle. This is perfect for children who grow tired of pedalling after a short while. The Big Flyer and Lights & Sounds collections are designed for slightly older children, and they offer some “bells and whistles” that modern children often expect from toys. All in all, Radio Flyer makes the perfect trike for any little girl or boy.

A charming collection of rocking and bouncing horses can also be found bearing the Radio Flyer name. The Soft Rock & Bounce Pony comes with or without sound, and it is ideal for very young children. Suggested ages for this pony are one to three years. It is built very low to the ground and manufactured from soft materials, making it safe for young toddlers. The Rock & Bounce Pony encourages exercise and play. The Blaze Interactive Riding Horse and the Liberty Spring Horse With Sound are meant for slightly older children and provide a greater range of motion and excitement.

Radio Flyer makes a popular collection of scooters that suits a wide range of children. The My First Scooter line comes in girls’, boys’ and deluxe models and is suitable for children aged two to five years. The EZ-Rider and Smooth Rider models are slightly larger and more difficult to ride, making them ideal for older children. One unique scooter offered by Radio Flyer is called the Scoot 2 Skate. It morphs into a skateboard when the handle is removed, making it an ideal product for teaching balance to amateur skateboarders.

Finally, Radio Flyer toys manufactures an adorable collection of ride-ons that further expands on the wagon concept. Many of these ride-ons, such as the girls’ and boys’ Push Pull & Rides, are meant to double as pushing and riding wagons. This allows children to receive rides from others and then mimic adult behavior by providing rides for toys or pets. Other ride-ons are uniquely adorable, such as the inch worm ride-on, which is shaped like a giant, cartoon crawler. The Little Red Roadster and the Steer and Stroll coupe both feature very cool car designs.

Radio Flyer offers a wide range of toys that capture the classic charm that the brand has always embodied. When it comes to simple, wheeled toys such as wagons, tricycles, and scooters, Radio Flyer is an excellent option. Futhermore, Radio Flyer ride-ons and horses are unique and charming toys that encourage adventure and exercise for young children.

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