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Roth Ira Tax - Roth IRA Tax Implications

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Many people choose to invest part of their retirement funds into Roth IRAs or traditional IRAs. Doing so has many tax implications depending on the type of fund. In order to understand how your taxes will be affected by placing money into a Roth IRA, it’s necessary to understand the difference between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA.

In a traditional IRA, your contribution is taken out of your pay check each year before taxes are taken out. This means that your IRA contribution is placed into the account before taxes, which means that when you withdraw money from your IRA account, you will have to pay taxes on those withdrawals. In contrast, when you contribute money to a Roth IRA, taxes have already been subtracted from the contribution. This means that when you want to start to withdraw money from your Roth IRA that you will not have to pay tax on your withdrawals like you would with a traditional IRA.

There are several implications about the way that Roth IRA tax is handled, which makes it an appealing option to many people. Although paying taxes upfront, before the contribution is made, may seem like a negative, in the long run, it can an advantage. By contributing to a Roth IRA, you’ve paid your taxes in the beginning. As a result, you will never have to pay taxes on that Roth IRA again for the life of the account. When you begin to withdraw money from your Roth IRA account, you will not have to pay capital gains taxes, death taxes, or even income taxes. With a traditional IRA account, you can be taxed for any gains that you accrue over the lifetime of the IRA. In essence, with a Roth IRA, you can avoid paying income taxes and capital gains taxes on any gains that you make during the lifetime of the account.

Having a Roth IRA has some other practical advantages over a traditional IRA besides the Roth IRA tax implications. For one, you can continue to keep placing money into a Roth IRA despite your age. In a traditional IRA account, you cannot contribute to your fund after you reach a certain age. Next, a traditional IRA requires you to take distributions after so many years, which will diminish the value of your account. With a Roth IRA, you can save and contribute to the account for as long as you want.

Although you may pay Roth IRA taxes up front, doing so can help you later down the road. For those that can afford it, a Roth IRA may be a better choice than the traditional IRA.

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