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Magazine Subscriptions Discount - How and Where to Get Magazine Subscriptions at a Discount

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Magazines and newspapers, along with other print media, have went digital. Just about any of the nationally recognized titles can be found online. But in looking around in any waiting room, coffee shop, and even the check-out stand, printed media—more specifically magazines— are not going anywhere.

There is something about holding a glossy magazine in one’s hand; the smell of the perfume samples, the feel of the slick pages, and look of the boldly- colored photographs and print. Holding a printed magazine is not only appealing to the senses, it is easily toted around for quick perusal during times of wait.

The same content found in a printed magazine is not found online. Too much can be missed with the power behind the printed word.

Purchasing magazines straight off the news stand can get costly. Most places charge the full cover price while a few select other retailers discount a magazine’s price by ten or twenty percent. Even with a discount, a year’s worth of editions adds up quickly.

The best way to save money on a magazine that is read regularly is to purchase a subscription. Consider the following to find a favorite title at deeply discounted prices.

Look for the inserts
Magazines are notorious for those postcard-sized inserts. Often times the publisher will include one or two. Fill one out, mail it in, and save as much as eighty percent- off the retail price.

The magazine’s website
Often times a magazine publisher will list subscription information on the website. The prices will be similar to those found on the inserts.

Gift subscriptions
The next time someone asks what you would like for your birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day, ask for a magazine subscription. This costs you nothing!

Magazine subscriptions at a discount websites
There are websites dedicated to selling subscriptions at a discount:
Amazon.com Magazine subscriptions can be searched by price, title, or most popular.
Discountmags.com Any titles can be found here. The site claims to have the lowest prices in discount subscriptions.
Discountmagazines.com This site has magazine subscriptions for less than $10 a subscription. Other titles may be found at deeply discounted prices as well.
Mercury Magazines.com Provides hundreds of magazine titles for free by industry. Fill out the information and job industry to see which magazine subscriptions you qualify for.

Coupons for discounted magazine subscriptions can be found in many places—online, in other magazines of similar content, or even the newspaper.

Other inserts
Often time discounts for magazine subscriptions can be found in places one would not think to look. The extra inserts in the credit card bill, bank statement, or cable bill. There are coupons and advertisements subtly added to the advertisements included in the local paper.

Free subscriptions
To get a new audience of readers, magazine publishers often give away a “trial period” to certain titles. When signing up for a member’s card, ordering products, or even as a “customer’s incentive” the option may become available. Once the free trial is taken, the publisher may offer subscription discounts much lower than seen else where.

A popular fundraiser for elementary school students is to have a magazine drive. Students are given a listing of magazine subscriptions to sell at a discount to persuade new subscribers and raise money for their school. No students in the area? Search online at QSP.com or aphearst.com.

Given the ample opportunities to receive magazine subscriptions at a discount, it would be a shame to continue to pay the full newsstand price month after month. As long as the public continues to spend money, even at a deep discount, for each monthly installment, the publishing world will continue to titillate the senses with all a magazine has to offer.

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