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Baptist Hospital Miami - Miami's Baptist Hospital Leads the Way in Healthcare

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Baptist Hospital, located in Miami, Florida and owned and managed by Baptist Health South Florida, was constructed in 1960 and bills itself as a magnet hospital, attracting visitors from around the world. Baptist Hospital has received numerous awards since its opening, including the Governor’s Sterling Award for total quality management, which was awarded in 1996. The hospital achieved magnet status in Nursing Excellence in 1998, credentialed by the American Nursing Credentialing Center which is affiliated with the American Nursing Association.

Guided by the Judeo-Christian tradition, Miami’s Baptist Hospital is a faith based organization. They provide millions of dollars in free healthcare per year, allowing many patients who are without insurance, or who are under insured, to receive compassionate, professional medical care. From their own Mission Statement : “Through our compassionate healthcare services, we seek to reveal the healing presence of God.”

Baptist Hospital also provides international services, including multilingual staff and support, jet or helicopter medical transportation support, physician coordination with other medical facilities, as well as accommodation support with area hotels. As with most hospitals, Baptist Hospital of Miami is open and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for urgent and emergency care procedures.

Boasting the most up to date technology and services, Baptist Hospital in Miami provides care for a multitude of health concerns, from injuries to serious illnesses, along with preventative care, child birth, and diagnostic care. Baptist prides itself on its focus on the patient, as well as the ever advancing medical technology market. The hospital also has specialty units, such as the Baptist Children’s Hospital, Diabetes Care Center, Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute, as well as the Regional Cancer Program.

With its 680 bed facility, located in Miami-Dade County in the Kendall community, Baptist Hospital in Miami is able to offer patients the highest level of support and care, as well as convenience. With patients coming from all over the Latin world, the Caribbean, as well as the United States, Baptist Hospital in Miami understands the need for affordable medical care, as well as cultural and religious understanding. Some demonstrating facts regarding Baptist Hospital’s ability to serve their community come straight from their website. “More than 32,000 people are hospitalized at Baptist each year; about 78,000 receive emergency care in our 24-hour Emergency Center and Children’s Emergency Center…More than 4,600 babies are born annually at the hospital’s Family Birth Place, which has Level II and III Neonatal Intensive Care Units.”

Backed by the strength and financial support of Baptist Health South Florida, Baptist Hospital in Miami also offers many tools to the community regarding health and medical preventative care. Some of these tools include mobile phone applications, which allow patients to find hospital location details, as well as emergency room and urgent care wait times. Baptist Health South Florida also allows Baptist Hospital the opportunity to publish Resource, a medical magazine which features tips and medical advice for more healthy living. Alongside Resource, Baptist Hospital in Miami also features an extensive website, which affords patients, physicians, and the general public to learn about the hospital and its services, while exploring their own health and medical care options. Full of information, Baptist Hospital’s website is a one stop shop for all of the latest on the healthcare provided at the facility, as well as advice on how to prevent disease and illness.

In addition to the services listed above, Miami’s Baptist Hospital offers classes and support groups on topics such as cancer, diabetes, preventative medical care, and child birth, as well as vascular screenings and children’s programs. Remaining true to their faith based mission statement, the hospital also offers a wide range of support groups involving spiritual counseling.

Baptist Hospital in Miami, along with Baptist Health South Florida, continues to be a shining example of the future of medical care. From surgical services to emergency and urgent care, Miami’s Baptist Hospital is a worldwide destination for those seeking the highest quality in medical care.

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