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Chicago Legal Jobs - Tips to Find Chicago Legal Jobs

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Chicago legal jobs are some of the most sought after positions. Why? Simply because Chicago is a major city in which those that are in the law fields are ensured to get cases to deal with that will test everything that they have learned thus far in life and college. So what is the job market for these legal jobs like in Chicago?

Given the current state of the economy, most professions are experiencing a decline in the number of jobs available and are in fact letting some of those who are employed go, due to financial reasons. The legal segment in Chicago, however, has maintained a level number of jobs available for those just entering the field. In fact, over the last few quarters the demand for those in legal sectors in Chicago has increased a small percentage. So for those people that are interested in finding legal jobs in Chicago, the outlook is fairly positive. With this being said, the competition for these jobs may be intense. Years ago, it seemed as if anyone could get a job in the legal sector since it was such a high demand area. However, since the economy has suffered the need for legal guidance and advice has also declined slightly. This means that there may be numerous people going after the same position in a legal company.

If you compare Chicago to other major cities, such as New York, San Francisco and so on, Chicago has around the same percentage of workers working in the law sector of business, approximately 20 – 30%. The majority of jobs making up these bigger cities are those relating to public works, education and so on. However, since the economy began to plummet, the number of lay offs in the law sector were devastating to the overall percentage. In one year, one law office dismissed around 120 workers. Other big cities, did much of the same. Over the past few years, for example, New York has seen a 2% decline in the number of the law jobs.

For those that are still interested in Chicago legal jobs, you will find that Chicago is considered one of the best cities in the world to work in the law sector. In fact, when a search is done through an Internet Search engine for best law firms to work for in the United States, around 65% of those listed are for the Chicago area. The following are some of those legal firms that are worth investigating when looking into Chicago legals jobs: Baker & McKenzie; DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary; Sidley Austin Brown & Wood; Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw (ranked the best legal firm in the Chicago); Kirkland & Ellis; McDermott, Will & Emery; Winston & Strawn; Seyfarth Shaw; Jenner & Block; Hinshaw & Culbertson; SNR Denton; and Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon. These law firms are considered to be some of the best and biggest law firms in the United States.

Many people wonder why Chicago is the best place to go for legal jobs, and it is a question that has many answers. When you look at a map, most other major cities that are considered to be ranked right up there with Chicago are located on the coast. Chicago is located in the center of all this, meaning that for the majority of people this is the closest major city for them to go to. Not to mention the fact that Chicago is home to over ten colleges that specialize in Law and graduated hundreds each year. Therefore, it makes sense for those seeking legal jobs to commute to Chicago as the logical choice.

Overall, Chicago legal jobs are some that will always be a dominant force in the economy of Chicago, simply because it is such a legal center for people to go to. Those looking for Chicago legal jobs should have no problem finding the jobs, but the competition may be stiff.

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