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Entry Level Finance Jobs - Choosing Among Entry Level Finance Jobs

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A career in finance can be very rewarding and challenging. Choosing among entry level finance jobs can be difficult if you don’t fully understand each job. If you are planning to begin your finance career with a college degree or by starting out in a job, do some research on entry level finance jobs first. Then you can make an educated decision on the best career for you.

The first finance industry we will examine is the banking industry. If you want to start a career in the banking sector, you can get an entry level job as a bank teller. You usually need some cash handling experience, but a college education is not required. The pay is low, but benefits are usually available to full time tellers, and you can work your way up to other positions. You could possibly become a branch manager or work in the lending or accounting departments.

Corporate finance is another finance avenue, but you should have some formal education, even for entry level finance jobs in corporate finance. Preferably, a bachelors degree minimum will get you a good position. You may choose to get an MBA as well. Working in corporate finance means you will work for a corporation helping them to find funding for running the business and finding ways to maximize business profit. If you are very business-minded, this is a great choice.

Financial planning is a great way to work with finance and help individual people. You will help people manage their money and make good investment decisions. You will be working with both small and large clients if you choose. If you love investing, especially long term investing, and you are a people person, this is a great career. You can start out working for a financial planning firm as a representative. You can move up in the company, or you can choose to start your own business as a financial planner.

If you enjoy dealing with people and are good at sales, insurance may be a good entry level finance position for you. You can be a representative helping customers choose the best insurance for them and helping them through claims. You can get a good entry level position as an insurance agent at many different companies that sell a variety of different kinds of insurance.

Finally, if you have a knack for the stock market, trading or hedge funds is a great option. Of course, you can’t enter the hedge fund industry in an entry level position. You have to work your way up and gain lots of experience. You can work as a stock broker for a brokerage firm or for large companies.

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