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Kid Games Online - Websites With Children's Games

www site kids sites

Finding good games for children to play online can be difficult for parents. While a quick internet search will bring up thousands of sites offering free and pay-to-play games, knowing which games are right for children of various age levels and abilities can be hard to determine based on the limited information that many websites give. Additionally many online kid games are tied to product endorsements for toys, food, and other products that parents wmay no want their children to be exposed to.

There are a few websites, however, that have started to offer educational programming and games geared towards kids under the age of 12, with many of them focusing primarily on younger elementary school aged children. While none of these websites will educate your child for you, these sites can be a good resource for ideas and activities for your child. While some of these sites have ties to for-profit companies, playing the games has some educational value, and also keep kids interested.

PLease note that while these sites have been screened, it is probably a good practice to closely monitor what children are playing online at these ages.

www.pbskids.org This site has a lot of games based on shows found on your local PBS station. All the games have an educational component. There are a lot of games on here for pre-schoolers that tie-in to shows such as Sesame Street. Expect to need to play these games with your child the first few times, especially if your child has never used a computer before.

www.thekidzpage.com This website has a good selection of coloring pages and games aimed at pre-schoolers and younger elementary school students.

www.jumpstart.com The 3-6 year olds this site was designed for will probably need a parent to help them choose games, but it has a lot of variety and no direct commercial tie-ins.

www.clubbing.com As a websited aimed at five to ten year old kids, it has some commercial tie-ins. Fortunately, they do not tend to be too many as to be overwhelming. There are a variety of games, some tied to commercial products, while others simply display ads around the gameplay area. There are prizes that can be earned by playing games, but some of these like airline frequent flyer miles, are not oriented towards kids.

www.free-kids-games.com In addition to video games, this site also has a good selection of coloring pages and songs.

http://tv.disney.go.com This site has a good selection of games and video clips, but all of it relates to Disney characters. Some parents may prefer to limit the amount of indirect advertising that their kid will get by visiting this site.

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