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Livingston Homes For Sale - Looking for Livingston Homes for Sale? Here are some Facts to Consider

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Before moving into an area it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few basic facts. Here are some of the things to consider if you are thinking about buying Livingston homes for sale. The population of this New Jersey city currently sits at about twenty seven thousand, with fifty one percent of the population being female. Half of the people in the city are over the age of forty, and the population density if low at about nineteen hundred people per square mile.

If you are looking at Livingston homes for sale, it is a good idea to get an idea of the economic situation in the city. The city is quite prosperous, with half the homes in the city earning over a hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year, quite a bit higher than the already high household income of over seventy thousand for the state of New Jersey. Almost sixty one thousand dollars are earned each year for every person living in the city. The average home in the area is worth six hundred and fifty thousand dollars, with new homes being sold at about seven hundred and twenty thousand dollars on average.

To get an idea of the types of neighbors you would live among if you were to buy Livingston homes that are for sale, it is helpful to know something about their education and employment rate. The people in the city are highly educated, with ninety four percent of the population over the age of twenty five having a high school degree, nearly sixty percent having a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and over a quarter having a professional or graduate degree. Only 2.1 percent of the population is unemployed, and the average transit time to work is about half an hour.

If the relationship status of people in the area is important to you, about a fifth of the population was never married and seventy percent are currently married, with only 0.8 percent separated. Just over four percent of the population is divorced, and a little over six percent are widowed.

About twenty percent of the population was born outside of the United States, with most of them being from Asia and Europe. Property taxes were about 2.3 percent.

If having a big city nearby is important to you, than Livingston homes for sale are a good choice, with Manhattan, NY being located less than twenty miles away. Evidently this is important to most of the people who live in the city, being that only twenty two percent of the population lives and works in the area.

A very high percentage of the population works in the professional, scientific, and technical industries, with eighteen percent of the men and twelve percent of the women working in these fields. Twelve percent of the men and ten percent of the women work in finance. Sixteen percent of the women and and four percent of the men work in education. Fifteen percent of the women and eight percent of the men work in health care. Six percent of the men worked in construction, and three percent in public administration. Four percent of the women worked in real estate, and three percent in social assistance. Three percent of both men and women worked in the food industry or the accommodations industry. Many of the men working in the area work in sales, management, legal professions, computer technology, executive positions, and business operations. Many of the women work in the same areas, in addition to secretarial positions, teaching positions, and accounting.

In addition to the prosperity of the city, the weather is another consideration to think of when deciding whether or not to purchase Livingston homes that are for sale. Temperatures were just slightly cooler than the national average, with the daily averages peaking in the summer in the low seventies, with daily highs in the mid eighties. Winters are fairly cold, with daily averages falling to the high twenties, and daily lows falling below twenty degrees. Precipitation is a bit higher than the national average throughout the year, peaking during September at five inches. Snowfall peaks at above eight inches during February. The sunshine is slightly below average and the wind speed slightly above.

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