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Country Inn Hotels - Country Inn Hotels: Decent Lodgings at an Excellent Price

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A subsidiary of Carlson Companies, the Country Inn Hotels corporation has been providing travelers with comfortable lodgings for several years. This hotel chain stretches across the North American continent, aiding its guests in a frank and unique manner. The executives of the Country Inn and Suites corporation have made it their primary goal to meet the needs of customers and ensure that all families enjoy a pleasurable and comfortable vacation.

When one considers the image that Country Inn hotels wish to portray, it becomes apparent that the chain’s name fits it to a T. Executives of Carlson Companies state that Country Inn and Suites hotels are designed to provide guests with a homey, small town experience. The aim of the Country Inn and Suites chain is to make guests feel that they are not staying at just another hotel; rather, the company wishes to make guests feel that they are spending the night at the home of a friend.

The Country Inn and Suites corporation took great pains to uphold this image. Upon entering Country Inn hotels, guests are greeted by comfortable furnishings and old-style paintings. The hotel staff is instructed to be as friendly and accommodating as humanly possible. Guests are dealt with in a genuine and personable manner, and many Country Inn and Suites locations keep a plate of warm cookies ready for any travelers who might happen to walk by. In terms of hospitality, Country Inn hotels certainly are not lacking.

Complaints about Country Inn hotels generally arise from more practical aspects of its lodgings. For instance, while the Country Inn and Suites corporation has stated that one of its top goals is to ensure that all rooms are kept meticulously clean and well maintained, some customers have been displeased by the quality of their rooms’ neatness. The top executives of the Country Inn and Suites company obviously cannot keep track of each and every maid that services its lodgings. Therefore, some Country Inn and Suites locations have better cleanliness and maintenance records than others. However, because Country Inn and Suites is a name brand hotel that is a subsidiary of a major international corporation, there are certain standards that employees must uphold in order to maintain their occupations, and one should never encounter Country Inn hotels that are simply unacceptable in terms of their tidiness.

Some travelers have also commented on the depth of knowledge of Country Inn and Suites concierges. It cannot be debated that these staff members are always very friendly and will do everything that they can to assist visitors to the hotel. However, some travelers speculate that the Country Inn and Suites corporation might spend too much time on developing the hospitality of its staff, and not enough time on its intellect. Numerous visitors to these hotels state cases where, try as he or she might, the hotel’s concierge simply could not solve simple issues such as faulty room keys or difficulties with applying discounts. No matter how friendly the staff might be, travel-weary individuals oftentimes do not have the patience to deal with its ineptness.

However, while this chain’s hotels are far from perfect, the Country Inn and Suites corporation offers nightly rates that are oftentimes remarkably reasonable. The Country Inn and Suites chain is certainly not composed of 5 star hotels, but the quality of its lodgings are generally quite acceptable, and the value for the money cannot be beaten. Obviously, exact prices will vary between different specific locations. However, one can expect to encounter nightly rates that are between ten and twenty percent lower than some comparable hotels in any given area. Nightly fees at Country Inn hotels are oftentimes similar to those of small, disheveled motels, yet they offer the comforts of a more reputable hotel chain.

Another positive aspect of the Country Inn and Suites chain is its wide variety of locations. Country Inn and Suites has made its way all across the United States, with some of its top locations situated in Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco, Orlando, and New Orleans. Three Country Inn hotels are located in Canada, and there is even a Country Inn and Suites in Panama City, Panama. No matter where one is traveling, he or she is quite likely to be able to find dependable lodgings at a Country Inn hotel.

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