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Spanish Dictionary Online - The benefits and limitations of using an online Spanish dictionary.

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If you are one of those individuals who realizes how increasingly common the Spanish language is becoming and are looking for resources on the web to help you develop your vocabulary, then consider using an online Spanish dictionary. This article will focus on some of the most efficient online Spanish dictionaries, as well as, phrase translators and interactive web resources for language development. More importantly, this article will help you identify common problems associated with translation software.

One of the most in-depth Spanish language development sites including an online Spanish dictionary, SpanishDict.com, offers its users a multitude of learning applications. These teaching devices are designed to help you learn at your own pace in a comfortable setting. Some of the interactive resources offered include flashcards, video lessons and quizzes. All services are free of charge and can be a great asset to building on your Spanish vocabulary.

Another useful site, DictionaryBoss.com, offers an online Spanish dictionary toolbar for Windows Internet browsers. This tool provides the ultimate ease of access for users and is also free of charge.
Phrase translators are another resource offered by most online Spanish dictionaries, in which the tool poses to translate whole sentences into English. When using phrase translators, keep in mind that they are not perfect and do not always take into account important elements of the Spanish language such as conjugation, gender and formalities.

For instance, In the English language we would formally say, “What is your name?” In Spanish, this would translate to “¿Cuál es tu nombre?” Phrase translators will not identify many informal phrases such as, “¿Como te llamas?” or “What’s your name?”

In addition, online Spanish dictionaries can be limited in their ability to differentiate between the various Spanish dialects. Popular language learning software such as, the Rosetta Stone offer two forms of Spanish, Spain and Latin American Spanish. Although similar, there are several forms of Spanish being used in different countries and ethnic enclaves.

Whether you are new to learning Spanish or a fluent speaker, an online Spanish dictionary can be a great reference tool for translations, spelling and vocabulary building. Remember that phrase translators should only be used as supplemental reference tools and not as an alternative to language development software.

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