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Horse Racing Today - Some Differences Between Horse Racing Today and In the Past

race jockeys changed treatment

Horse racing today is different than horse racing even a few decades ago. Rules and regulations have been changed to improve the treatment of the horse and the jockey. Technology has made betting easier than ever. With all the improvements, horse racing today is still as dangerous as ever.

Although regulations have changed concerning the treatment of horses, the physical health of a race horse is continuously put to the test. From the young age it is broken to saddle to the great risks taken at every race, the horse’s health and life are at stake. Horse racing today is just as risky a business as it has been in years past, especially for the horse.

Trainers in horse racing today spend a great deal of time taking measures to help reduce the risk of leg injuries. Some trainers use boots to support the tendons during the race and apply liniments and magnets before and after the race to help reduce swelling and pain in the legs and joints. Other, more costly methods, including various forms of acupuncture, are also used.

The darker side of horse racing today includes methods used to keep horses from feeling the pain of a leg injury. Nervectomies have been used throughout the years as a way to treat perpetual leg injuries. During this procedure, the nerves in the leg are cut so that the horse does not feel any pain. Although this method is detrimental to the overall physical well being of the horse, it is not illegal.

While the conformation of a race horse is essential to its performance, some owners employ techniques and methods to improve the overall profile of the horse, which has nothing to do with performance. A method called pin firing is sometimes used to reduce the bumpiness of the bone beneath the skin on the fetlock and pastern, creating a cleaner line. Pin firing, if not done precisely, can ruin a horse’s legs so that it cannot race.

Drug testing is a common practice in horse racing today. Drug testing insures that the winning horse has not been given any drugs that would affect its performance. Horses that do not pass the drug test are disqualified, and the owners and trainers are fined for the infraction.

The job of a jockey is among the most dangerous jobs in the world. While the medical care and basic treatment have improved, the risk of injury and death are still the same. Being a jockey in horse racing today is still as difficult as in times past.

In horse racing today, jockeys receive much better treatment than in the past. In the past, jockeys were expected to win races by whatever means necessary. They were considered no better than a stable hand and were treated much the same way. A jockey’s value and care today can often be equated with the amount of money they earn for the owner of the horse.

Jockeys today are still required to maintain a weight limit. Because of this, many jockeys do not eat properly. Often, they use such methods as bulimia to keep their weight at or below the limit. Many jockeys take nutritional supplements to help maintain the strength necessary for racing while keeping their weight down.

Betting on horse racing today has become easier and more convenient. Along with the in-house betting at the track and the simulcasting used over the recent decades, horse race enthusiasts can also place bets online and via their cell phones and iPhones.

Statistics are also more easily obtain through modern technology. In times past, statistics and information on horses and jockeys were only accessible through print, TV, and radio. Today, enthusiasts can get such information online and through mobile technology.

While the rules and regulations have changed a little, the dangers of horse racing today have not changed compared with the dangers of a few decades ago. The easy of betting, however, has changed. Along with the potential gain is the potential for total loss.

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