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Desert Schools Credit Union - Desert Schools Credit Union: A Quality Credit Union in Arizona

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Desert Schools Credit Union provides financial services for individuals who live or work in Pinal County, Gila County, or Maricopa County in Arizona. This credit union has been in operation for over seventy years and is fully committed to providing its members with the best in financial services as well as unmatched customer service.

What are the History and Values of Desert Schools Credit Union?

Desert Schools Credit Union began with just 15 members in 1939. Since then, it has expanded operations and is now the largest credit union in the state of Arizona. The credit union now has sixty branches throughout the valley and over one hundred atms.

As a credit union, Desert Schools is a non-profit corporation and is owned by its members. This means that important decisions, as well as day-to-day decisions, are made by owners who have a personal interest in the credit union, not by out-of-touch investors.

Desert Schools Credit Union adheres to four core values in all of its operations. These are: first, developing meaningful member relationships; second, ensuring employee satisfaction by developing a great work environment; third, getting involved in local communities; and finally, maintaining steady financial progress.

What does Desert Schools Credit Union Offer?

Desert Schools Credit Union offers full service banking, from savings and checking accounts to insurance and financing. Because Desert Schools is a credit union, they are able to offer lower rates on loans and higher dividends on investments than other banks.

For individuals, Desert Schools Credit Union can provide personal loans for automobiles, recreational equipment, education, travel, and other needs. They also finance home mortgages. Desert Schools Credit Union also provides solutions for business needs. They can help with financing new business ventures, providing insurance for your business’ assets, and productive investing.

Desert Schools Credit Union also offers a variety of benefits for members. Individuals who bank with them have access to online banking, over 100 atms in the valley, and the use of credit unions nationwide through their partnerships with credit unions across the country. The credit union sends out a monthly newsletter with financial advice, and members are also invited to attend financial seminars. The credit union also offers a Kids Club to teach your children the fundamentals of saving and investing their money. Finally, additional benefits of membership in Desert Schools Credit Union include: a discount on Dell computers, discounted Sprint cell phone service, and access to economical health and life insurance plans.

How is Desert Schools Credit Union Helping Local Communities?

Desert Schools has always maintained a commitment to help local communities. In past years, Desert Schools Credit Union has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to education and health care programs in the Arizona valley. They have partnered with various local non-profit organizations in an effort to improve the health and economic welfare of many Arizona citizens. Further, employees of Desert Schools Credit Union are encouraged to volunteer by participating in community service projects.

Desert Schools also works hard to promote financial literacy in Arizona communities. They offer classes to members on how to budget, how to earn good credit, and crucial information on buying a home or taking out a loan.

Another way Desert Schools Credit Union supports local communities is through their scholarship program. Every year, over 20,000 dollars is given out to seven deserving high school seniors in local communities. These scholarships go to members or direct relations of Desert Schools members who have shown a commitment to community service.

How Do I Become a Member of Desert Schools Credit Union?

Membership is available to anyone who works, lives, or attends school or church in Gila county, Pinal county, or Maricopa county. Membership is also open to spouses, children, or other immediate relations of the above. To join Desert Schools Credit Union, simply fill out an application online at https://www.desertschools.org/index.aspx or stop by one of their 60 local branches. By joining Desert Schools, you will be partnering with a longstanding and proven financial institution in Arizona.

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