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Fashion Jobs London - Finding Fashion Jobs in London

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There are certain cities throughout the world that have a reputation for dominating financially, politically, and culturally. These include New York City, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and of course, New York’s counterpart across the pond, London itself. Naturally, cities as vibrant as these are also queen bees of the fashion industry, and London is no exception. As a fashion capital, if one is aspiring towards a career in beauty or fashion, or even simply looking for run of the mill fashion jobs, London has an awful lot to offer. However, finding fashion jobs in London presents young hopeful designers and models with a bit of a double edged sword as well. What might this mean? Well, more specifically, the fact that London’s reputation precedes itself in the world of fashion means that it also attracts some of the best and brightest in the industry – which of course also means some rather heavy hitting competition for would-be up and comers. However, all is not lost. With a well worded resume – and if possible, some impressive recommendations and prior experience in one’s fashion field of choice – even recent university graduates can find fashion jobs in London. They may have to start at the bottom – in fact, they almost certainly will – and they will have to suffer through long hours, grunt work, and high maintenance bosses, but this will all equip that not only with a means to clamber their way to the top of the metaphorical heap, but also nerves of steel and for the most dogged, an absolute refusal to quit at anything they set their minds to.

Fashion jobs in London, like fashion jobs in any other city – indeed, any other location in the world period – come in all forms. The London fashion industry employs models, designers, make-up artists, and any number of assistants and assistants of assistants. However, the vast majority of young people who claim to be seeking fashion jobs in London mean one of two things – either as a model or as a designer. Things are, in some ways, a little easier for those in the former category, or at least, more straightforward. Models and would-be models in London follow the same regulations as their ilk anywhere else, so it’s important to grasp the basics first.

So, first of all, models themselves come in a number of varieties – the most popular, naturally, being the standard fashion model. If you say you’re looking for fashion jobs in London, and really mean that you want to be a fashion model in London, be ready to conform to some fairly rigorous standards. If you are female, you should be relatively young – anywhere ranging from fifteen years old to twenty-two would be the prime age for fashion modeling. Moreover, you should also, predictably enough, be tall, long-legged, and lean. The usual minimum in terms of height for a model is a “diminutive” 5’8" and the average weight of a fashion model fluctuates between 108 and 125 pounds. Men have it marginally easier – male fashion models should be roughly somewhere between eighteen and and twenty five years old, at a height ranging from 5’11" to 6’2", and weighing anything between 140 and 165 pounds. On top of all these qualifications, aspiring fashion models will need to find agents. If you intend to pursue a career as a fashion model in London, naturally, a London-based agency would be ideal.

As for fashion designers, unlike fashion models, they have no exact set of regulations that they must fill. This makes things both easier and harder. Most will have had attended some sort of design school, or at the very least, an art college. If one intends to seek fashion jobs in London upon graduation, of course a school in London would be idea. Goldsmith College at the University of London is a solid choice for those artistically inclined, for instance. For those who have graduated, they will need to have compiled a portfolio. It’s best to start assembling a portfolio while still in school – as the more extensive and impressive the portfolio, the likelier the chances of getting an entry-level fashion job right out of school. For aspiring models and designers looking for fashion jobs, London can be either a blessing or a curse.

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