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Sell Own Home - How to Sell Your Own Home

the right price staging the home marketing the home closing the deal

With house prices stable, and realtors expecting between 3 to 6 percent commission when selling a house, it makes sense to sell a home without a realtor if time and patience is not a problem. There are some basic issues to consider when selling a home without a realtor.

The Right Price

The first thing to do is to determine what similar homes in the neighborhood have sold for in the past year. There are free sites on the internet that can help with the Comparable Market Analysis for a given zip code. Some localities also publish recent home sales in the newspaper, or make the information available to those willing to search sales records.

When setting the price of the home, it is also good to have an inspection done to determine any defects or problems that need fixing before a potential seller faces those issues.

Factor in all closing fees and seller’s costs before determining the price of the home. The seller also has financial obligations when selling a home. Price the home based on how it will sell, not based on what amount is expected when the sale is completed.

Staging the Home

The next most important thing to do is to make sure the home shows well. Start with the outside landscaping. Keep the lawn well-tended, plant attractive shrubs, and fix anything on the outside of the house that would detract a potential owner. Keep windows clean and walkways swept.

Walk into the front door as if purchasing the home and see how inviting the home appears. Keep the kitchen spotless, beds made, and the floors clean. Clear any clutter off surfaces. Keep the home spotless every day.

Marketing the Home

List the home on all free internet sales sites. Take attractive pictures of the inside of the house, ensuring that the pictures show the home well. Local newspapers are a great place to put an ad about the house for sale by owner. Print flyers that detail the house, from the number of rooms, school district, new additions such as windows or furnace, and information that will draw a potential buyer to the house. Schedule an open house.

Closing the Deal

Find a mortgage company who will work with you and potential buyers. Also make sure a lawyer is available for reviewing contracts and handling the closing. Be prepared to negotiate. The object is to sell the house, so be willing to work with the buyer by offering extras in the sale package such as assistance with closing costs.

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