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Memphis Homes For Sale - Locations of Memphis Homes for Sale

1. germantown 2. collierville 3. cordova

Located in the far southwest corner of the state of Tennessee, Memphis is the state’s largest city. Memphis, nicknamed the Bluff City, has long been a center of commerce and transportation since the pre-Civil War period as it sits along the banks of the Mississippi River. Memphis is home to companies like Federal Express, International Paper, and Autozone, among others, brining in thousands of new residents every year. If you are relocating to the Bluff City and are looking for Memphis Homes for sale, your first concern should be location. Memphis is a large city and like every urban environment, there are several neighborhoods to stay away from because of crime. In fact, Memphis annually ranks in the top 5 of most major crime statistics including murder, rape, assault, and car theft. Despite this fact, there are nice places to live in the Memphis metropolitan area. Home prices are lower than the national average, meaning that home buyers can get a lot of bang for their buck. Below are three locations of Memphis homes for sale that home buyers should consider.

1. Germantown

Germantown is an affluent suburb of the city of Memphis in the eastern part of Shelby County. It’s located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Memphis, making living there convenient for commuters. Home prices in Germantown are among the highest in the city, ranging anywhere between $200,000 and $5,000,000. Homes are large and stately, while the suburb itself is pristine. Germantown also boasts a low crime rate and good public schools, making it the perfect area to raise a family.

2. Collierville

Another place to find homes for sale in the Memphis area is the suburb called Collierville. Located just east of Germantown, Collierville is also an affluent area that shares the same school system. Collierville has a slightly more homely and down to earth feeling than Germantown, since the area is slightly older. Collierville is not as homogeneous as Germantown in terms of the size and style of its homes. For example, on one side of the town, there may be small, run down homes, yet on the other side of the suburb there may be 6,000 square feet homes on large lots.

3. Cordova

Many people looking for homes for sale in Memphis are choosing to look in an area called Cordova. Located north of Germantown, Cordova is actually part of the city of Memphis itself instead of being incorporated like Germantown and Collierville. As such, students in Cordova are a part of the Memphis City Schools System, which may be an unattractive option to some parents. However, because the area is relatively new, homes are large and moderately priced. One drawback about living in Cordova, however, is that it is highly commercialized with strip malls and shopping area lining all of the main thoroughfares.

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