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Hip Hop Music Downloads - Six Places To Find Hip Hop Music Downloads

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Hip hop music has evolved from the underground of the mid 1980s to the forefront of popular music today. Hip hop artists are routinely topping the charts and influencing pop culture. For people wishing to embrace this music and culture, there are several places where they can find hip hop downloads.

Dope Hood (http://www.dopehood.com) is a great source for hip hop music downloads. Dope Hood provides links to files that can be easily and safely downloaded. Dope Hood provides links to several well known songs by hip hop artists as well as songs by underground hip hop artists. Dope Hood is set up in a blog format, allowing for people to search for links by the day of their posting. There is also a search function for people looking for a certain artist or song.

24 Hour Hip Hop (http://24hourhiphop.com/hip-hop-music.php) provides a clean, easy to use interface to access hip hop music downloads. People can find the newest hip hop music downloads posted or easily search for an artist. Each artist has their own bio page and a list of all the music that is available to download. 24 Hour Hip Hop provides hip hop music downloads for popular artists, including underground remixes that can’t be found any other place.

Torrent sites have a nearly unlimited amount of hip hop music downloads. Using a torrent search engine, such as The Pirate Bay (http://www.thepiratebay.org), will allow a person to find nearly any hip hop music download they wish to find. Once a person finds the hip hop music file they wish to download, they simply need to use torrent download software, such as Vuze (http://azureus.sourceforge.net/), to download the file.

Dope New Songs (http://dopenewsongs.com/) is another blog style hip hop music download site. Dope New Songs attempts to find the newest songs by the hottest hip hop artists. Hip Hop music downloads get posted in a post, and a person clicks on the link to download the song. The site is hard to navigate and it’s nearly impossible to find a certain download. For people that want the newest songs from their favorite artists, Dope New Songs is a good choice, but the site provides very limited ways to find a certain song to download.

iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com) is a great source for hip hop music downloads. Apple’s music download site provides a nearly unlimited library of music. Songs are easy to find, and each artist has their own biography page with a list of their available downloads posted. Nearly any song ever created can be downloaded for a price, and the site can be easily navigated. The only way to download a song from iTunes is through a client that can be downloaded for free from Apple’s website. The entire process is streamlined and completely easy for people new to the program.

Finally, Amazon Music (http://www.amazon.com/music) has an extensive library of hip hop music downloads. Amazon can be navigated by picking the hip hop music genre or by searching for a certain song or artist. Amazon sells entire albums or single songs for a low price. Amazon is easy to use and accepts several different payment methods. Also, unlike iTunes, Amazon allows hip hop music downloads to be purchased without the use of a separate client.

It is possible for any website that provides hip hop music downloads to also provide copyrighted material. There is a new trend within hip hop for artists to release songs freely and without copyright, but there is still a chance that a piece of music is copyrighted, especially if it can be heard on the radio. People should be careful when downloading copyrighted material, because there is always a chance that the copyright holder will take legal action against the individual in the form of lawsuits.

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