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Cayman Islands Vacations - Cayman Islands Vacations are Memorable for So Many Reasons

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Located 450 miles south of Miami, Florida, USA, the Cayman Islands are a favorite destination for travelers who love warm sea breezes and gorgeous scenery. Located in the western Caribbean, this member of the British Commonwealth of Nations offers access to some of the best snorkeling and diving waters on the globe. Whether you arrive by cruise ship or airplane the three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, are available for fun adventures and relaxation in tropical paradise.

Travel to the Cayman Islands for any type of vacation requires a passport from the country of origin and many countries are required to purchase visa stamps prior to entry. Currency in the Islands is unique to the Cayman Islands, but called a dollar and with identical denominations of bills and coins. Currency from the United States is widely accepted by merchants on the islands, at the current exchange rate. The legal drinking age on the islands is eighteen. Visitors who wish to fish are required to release every fish caught because only the natives of the Islands are allowed to keep their catch.

Grand Cayman Island, the largest of the three islands, has 76 square miles of area and an approximate population of 40,000 people. The North Sound, a reef-protected shallow lagoon, is approximately 35 square miles and is nestled on the north shore. George Town, the capital city, is located on Grand Cayman, and offers some of the best shopping and cuisine in the Caribbean. The National Trust conducts historic walking tours of George Town for those wanting to learn more about area history. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park has 65 acres of displays including a full replica of an original Caymanian farm house. The Floral Garden has flowers arranged in the order of the colors of the rainbow. Native birds nest on the islands of native plants in the two-acre lake within the botanical park. The Cayman Blue Iguana project is housed within the park and participates in the efforts to reintroduce young iguanas into the wild to save the species. Beach lovers can play for hours on Seven Mile Beach where the sands stretch toward the horizon without end, and the white sand is so beautiful that this beach is considered the most beautiful in the entire Caribbean.

Cayman Brac, 89 miles northeast of Grand Cayman, stretches 12 miles in length and 1.25 miles in width with an area of 14 square miles. The Gaelic word for “bluff,” is Brac, and the dominant attraction on this island is the limestone bluff that rises from the west toward the island’s center to a grand height of 140 feet. The eastern end of the bluff plunges into the Caribbean Sea’s turquoise waters. Best known for diving adventures, Brac is where the 300 foot M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts, a Cuban naval frigate built in Russia, sank in 1996 and has developed into one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean. Two smaller shipwrecks offer equivalent diving opportunities to see magnificent sea life in their natural habitat. Back on land, flora and fauna cover the crevices within the limestone of Brac, and caves pepper the walls. Birds make their nests within every nook and cranny of the bluff, and birdwatchers will find every imaginable species with little effort. Striking beauty sets Cayman Brac apart from the busyness of Grand Cayman.

Little Cayman, five miles west of Cayman Brac, is the perfect finale for Cayman Island vacations. With just ten square miles and within a forty-minute flight from Grand Cayman, the beauty of this little gem is not to be missed. For the traveler who enjoys peace and quiet, Little Cayman offers private beaches and pools for solitude in the South Hole Sound Lagoon or the deserted tiny island called Owen Island. Fewer than 200 people live on this tiny tropical isle, but thousands of tourists visit each year just to see the Bloody Bay Marine Park on the north shore. Divers are greeted with a coral wall that starts at a depth of 20 feet and plunges to 6000-foot depths. Exotic tropical fish can be viewed easily at 50 mapped dive sites within the park. The Red Footed Booby breeding colony on Little Cayman is the largest known colony, with 5000 pairs.

Wildlife throughout the Cayman Islands cannot be missed during Cayman Island vacations. Many species are native to the islands and birds of every imaginable variety winter in the Cayman’s from the northern climates of the United States and Canada. Remember your camera and binoculars for the best views of animals you will never see anywhere else on the globe. Work to earn your diving certification prior to departure so you can participate in the underwater fun.

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