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Hotels Rotterdam Netherlands - Finding Hotels in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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For anyone planning a trip to the city of Rotterdam, whether for business or pleasure, booking a hotel should be the least of their worries. If you need to find hotels, Rotterdam, Netherlands can supply you with a wide variety of available options, in terms of location, price range, style, services, and various other such amenities. Some are part of major luxury chains, while others have a quieter, more bed and breakfast sort of style about them. In any case, visitors to Rotterdam, Netherlands will no doubt be absolutely spoiled for choice.

One of the more obvious choices for higher budget vacationers or businessmen and financiers is of course, the Hilton. The Hilton in Rotterdam is conveniently easy to find right smack at the heart of the city’s business and shopping districts alike, right off of Hofplein square. The hotel is quite literally at the center of everything you might need during your stay in the Netherlands. It is, for instance, a mere fifteen minutes from the airport, within walking distance of the Central Railway Station, and in addition, fully serviced with wireless Internet and a number of mouth watering dining options. Le Cafe serves a delicious breakfast to start of the guests’ day, and other meals are also available at lounge restaurants and attached bars, which are praised for their excellent mojitos. The hotel is also serviced with both a gym and a spa for those who feel the need to both stay in shape and reward themselves with a well deserved bout of relaxation afterward. The hotel even allows guests to keep pets during their stay.

A less famous hotel than the Hilton, perhaps – but currently ranked number one for business trip purposes by the online Trip Advisor – is the Suitehotel Pincoffs, or the Hotel aan de Maas. Unlike the Hilton, this hotel in Rotterdam, Netherlands remains firmly in the boutique hotels category, as it is serviced with only twenty rooms. However, no one should underestimate its quality simply because of its size. According to numerous reviews of the Hotel aan de Maas’s accommodations, not only are the rooms and basic amenities far more than simply adequate, the service provided by the staff is reportedly impeccable. In addition, the Hotel aan de Maas is a good option for those looking for hotels in Rotterdam, Netherland, but operating on a slightly tight budget, as this place’s rates are also reportedly far more reasonable than those of most of its peer hotels. Operated by two families, guests at the Hotel aan de Maas enjoy a very cozy, familial atmosphere, with a friendly staff and highly efficient, personalized services.

The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam is understandably a bit on the pricier side, and that is putting it lightly – however, for those who can afford these accommodations, they are worth every last penny. The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam, after all, did not earn its five star rating among luxury hotels for nothing. Formerly the Westin Rotterdam – a being a member of, of course, the Westin luxury chain – the Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam has a highly convenient location right in the middle of the city of Rotterdam, and houses rooms with breathtaking, panoramic views of the city and its magnificent skyline. The experience of opening the curtains to see the city lights before falling asleep in a luxurious bed at this hotel has been described by one satisfied customer as being “magical stuff,” like something out of a dream or a childhood fairytale fantasy. In addition, the bathrooms are extremely well stocked with anything guests may need in way of toiletries during their stay in Rotterdam.

In a bit of a contrast, another Rotterdam-based hotel, simply called “A Small Hotel,” is true to its name, something of a hidden gem in the giant city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Quiet and unexpectedly comfortable, guests report having been pleasantly surprised by how “nice” the rooms were, as well as how spacious many of the accommodations were. The woman who runs the hotel is friendly and runs an efficient and extremely personable staff, and guests looking for a small, home style sort of hotel will not want for anything.

From the smallest hidden gems to the large luxury resort chains, Rotterdam clearly hosts a wide range of accommodations no matter what the weary traveler’s tastes!

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