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Dating Online Uk - Navigating The World of Online Dating in the UK

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Making solid romantic connections with other individuals is important to living a happy and fulfilling life. Many singles in the UK area are struggling to meet prospective dates through their normal every day activities. As a result, many hopefuls are turning to online dating sites for help.

Although navigating the world of internet dating can be daunting at first, it becomes easier the more familiar with it you become. For instance, knowing which online dating sites in the UK provide the best services could save you precious time and money in addition to boosting your chances of success. There are three websites that are a cut above the rest; flirtbox.com, datingdirect.com, and loveandfriends.com.


Flirtbox.com is a great site for online dating in the UK. It is one of the few dating sites that offer its services at no charge to its members. This means you can browse for and message singles without having to worry about paying a monthly fee. Flirtbox.com hosts a large and steadily growing database of singles from the UK. In addition to browsing and e-mails, Flirtbox.com also has a chat client where you can mingle with singles in real time. Also included on the site is a discussion board where you can maximize your exposure to potential mates. Flirtbox.com is the best free UK online dating site on the web.


Datingdirect.com is another great site for online dating in the UK. This site offers many features which include the posting of a dating profile, a feature for browsing singles based on characteristics you select, a messaging client, and compatibility matching. Datingdirect.com offers two different levels of membership. For free you have access to basic features such as singles browsing and your own dating profile. However, you would need to upgrade to a full membership to access other features such as compatibility matching and the messaging client. The fee is not too drastic and is necessary for a satisfactory experience on the site. Datingdirect.com has a lot to offer hopeful UK singles.


Loveandfriends.com is one of the best fee based online dating sites for singles from the UK on the web. They offer a host of services such as compatibility matching, a comprehensive dating profile, and a messaging client. Many of these services you can access for free, but in order to maximize your success a full membership is best. Loveandfriends.com knows how stressful it can be waiting to hear back from someone you’ve messaged. Did they read your message and choose not to respond after looking at your profile? Are they no longer active? These questions can be tiresome and a nuisance. Loveandfriends.com provides a simple solution – message receipts. With message receipts you can view whether or not your sent message has been read. Loveandfriends.com also has hundreds of real life success stories on their website. All the services that are included in a membership with loveandfriends.com makes it a cut above the rest of online dating sites.

These three sites should provide a great starting point for any hopeful single in the UK who is hoping to try their luck at internet dating. Keep in mind that the more people that you contact, the better your chance of success.

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