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Belleville Homes For Sale - Facts to Think About Before Looking at Belleville Homes for Sale

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When thinking about buying a home, it is important to learn some basic facts about the area before looking at specific prices. Here are some things to think about before considering Belleville homes for sale. Belleville is a small city in Illinois, with just over forty thousand citizens and a fairly steady population growth. There are a few more women than men, with about eleven women for every ten men. About half of the people who live in the city are over the age of thirty seven. The population density is also fairly low, with two thousand people per square mile.

If the income of your neighbors is a factor in your decision making when deciding whether or not to consider Belleville homes for sale as an option, most of the homes in the area earn an income of more than forty thousand dollars a year. There are about twenty five thousand dollars earned a year for every person living in the area. Fortunately, the cost of living in the area is fairly low, with indexed at seventy nine compared to the national average of 100. Most homes in the area are valued at over a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars as of 2008. Property taxes rest at about two percent.

The level of education is another factor that many people consider to be important when they are deciding whether or not buy homes in an area. In the case of Belleville, for people over the age of twenty five, about eighty four percent of the people have at least a high school degree. Eighteen percent have a Bachelor’s degree, and six percent have a higher degree. Five percent of the population is unemployed. Half of the people living in the area make it to work in about twenty minutes.

Almost half of the people in Belleville are married, which can be important for some people considering to buy homes. Just over a quarter have never been married, two percent are separated, and fourteen percent are divorced. About one in ten are widowed. If it is important to you, only two percent of the population is born outside the United States.

If you want to live close to a city with over fifty thousand people in it, Saint Louis is only fifteen miles away. If you want to be near a city with over a million residents, however, Belleville is not the right place, as Chicago, IL is the nearest one, located over two hundred sixty miles away. Many of the people who live here commute elsewhere to work, with thirty five percent of the population living and working in the city.

If crime is a major concern, Belleville may not be the best location, but if it is a minor concern, it is not too much of a problem. While the crime rate is slightly higher than the national average, it is comparable, and actually fell below it once in 2004. There are about two police officers for every thousand citizens.

As far as careers go, no single industry seems to dominate the career sphere for men, with the largest share of the market, construction, taking up only nine percent of the jobs. For women, on the other hand, about twenty two percent of them work in the health care industry. Seven percent of the men work for the food industry, six percent in public administration, five percent in the professional, technical, and scientific sectors, another five percent in health care, yet another five percent in education, and four percent in administration, waste management, and support. Ten percent of the women are involved in education, nine in finance, another nine in the food industry, five in the professional sector, five in public administration, and four in social assistance.

If you like average temperatures in the summer with relatively cold winters, Belleville homes for sale are a great choice. The daily average temperature reaches climbs to just under eighty in the summer, with highs of just under ninety. During the winter, the temperature falls to thirty for the daily average, with a low of twenty. Precipitation, humidity, wind speed, and snowfall are all pretty close to the national average. The level of sunshine is fairly close as well, although slightly below.

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