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Hotels Maui Hawaii - How to Find Family and Budget Friendly Hotels in Maui, Hawaii

1. wailea resort 2. kaanapali beach hotel

The second largest island in Hawaii, Maui, has unparallel beauty and diversity. Visitors can discover exotic rain forests, walk on black and white sand beaches, and observe gorgeous waterfalls. There are many options for visitors looking for hotels in Maui, Hawaii. This article discusses various options for finding outstanding family and budget friendly hotels in Maui, Hawaii.

A. Family Friendly Hotels in Maui, Hawaii

It’s important for families traveling to Maui to locate family friendly hotels in Maui, Hawaii. The best way to research if a hotel is family friendly is to call the hotel and ask what programs are in place for children. For example, some hotels in Maui, Hawaii have hula lessons, lei making, and ukulele lessons for children. Other hotels in Maui, Hawaii actually have water park like pools that include rope swings, waterslides, lazy rivers, and white water rapids. Having these kinds of entertainment choices easily on hand allows children to enjoy a trip to Maui so much more.

Two family friendly hotels in Maui Hawaii include Wailea Resort and Kaanapali Beach:

1. Wailea Resort

Located in Wailea, Maui, the Wailea Resort reflects the natural beauty of Maui. The resort offers stunning and gorgeous ocean views while being surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Wailea Resort is one of the best hotels in Maui, Hawaii. This hotel is great for newlyweds, friends, and families. They offer an activity water park like pool and a separate pool for those looking for relaxation and quiet. Their contact number is 1-800-888-6100.

2. Kaanapali Beach Hotel

Located in Lahina, Maui, Kaanapali Beach Hotel focuses on warmth and making the visitors feel like they are at home. This hotel is one of the top hotels in Maui, Hawaii. Several travel magazines have voted the hotel to be on of the “ten beloved Hawaii hotels,” the “top 10 family hotels in the United States,” and the “10 Best Budget-Friendly Resorts.” The hotel offers opportunities for Hawaiian activities, shopping, golf, horseback riding, hiking, snorkeling, whale watching, and cliff diving. Their contact number is 1-800-262-8450.

B. Budget Friendly Hotels in Maui, Hawaii

The best location to find budget friendly hotels in Maui, Hawaii is on the beautiful shores of sunny Kihei. Kihei, Maui is the top destination spot for visitors to Maui who need to be budget conscious. The beaches and oceans of Kihei are absolutely gorgeous. Many hotels in Kihei offer activity planning and discounts on activities.

In conclusion, hotels in Maui, Hawaii are numerous and it’s simple and easy to find a hotel that is either budget or family friendly.

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