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Little Tikes Dolls House - Dolls Houses Made by Little Tikes

classic inches play styles

Every child needs a toy that will teach them, encourage creative play, grow with them and outlast their childhood. Little Tikes dolls houses fill that need very well. Made of sturdy plastic in various colors and styles, these doll houses are classic toys that have lasted through several children in many families.

Little Tikes has made several styles of dolls houses, from the first classic Victorian style, now updated, to log cabins and a combination doll house and play house. The classic Victorian dolls house is large enough for a small child to enter, with two stories and high ceilings that will easily accommodate twelve inch tall fashion dolls and their accessories. It is an impressive size, at thirty eight and a half inches tall by thirty seven inches wide and twenty four and a quarter inches deep. Children love the large scale.

This doll house, and any of the other Little Tikes dolls houses, have proved themselves to withstand years of use, which is a quality that’s often missing in today’s toys. Its design encourages creative, imaginative and spontaneous play in a safe environment for both boys and girls.

The biggest downside to Little Tikes dolls houses seems to be that furniture, decorative pieces and other accessories no longer come with them, although one can find pieces available that will fit it. Another problem may be one of temporary storage, since they are rather large houses.

After the classic Victorian was released, Little Tikes made a house for dolls called “Little Tikes Place” in 1989 which included a family, a dog, a car and some kitchen furniture. Since then, several styles and types of dolls houses have been manufactured by Little Tikes until now there is a good selection of them and a good used market for them as well.

The Little Tikes company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Newell Rubbermaid Inc. and has many global outlets, including the United Kingdom and Europe. Retailers that sell children’s toys or educational items sell Little Tikes dolls houses worldwide. The houses are made in the USA, of both domestic and imported components.

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