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Home Ice Cream Makers - How Do Home Ice Cream Makers Work?

electric canister mixture drum

One delicacy almost everyone enjoys is delicious ice cream. You may be used picking up your ice cream at your local ice cream parlor or grocery store. However, you can make your own ice cream as well. Using home ice cream makers, you can make exactly the kind of ice cream you want and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Home ice cream makers are devices that work by chilling and churning the contents of a canister. This chilling and churning will allow a mixture primarily made out of custard to become ice cream if it is placed inside this canister.

There are many different recipes that you can find in books and on the internet that will tell you how to alter this custard mixture to add nearly any kind of ingredient you want as well as achieve almost any kind of consistency you wish your ice cream to have. However, home ice cream makers don’t only have to be used to create traditional ice cream. With different recipes, you can also use them to create gelato, sorbet, and non-dairy ice cream for those who are lactose intolerant.

Home ice cream makers are most usually designed with three different parts that work together. The first is a drum that exists furthest to the outside of the ice cream maker. This drum will be able to open. Once the drum is opened, a canister that will hold the ice cream mixture can be put inside.

Also placed inside the drum will be a central churn. This churn will stir the custard mixture and help it develop into ice cream. To achieve this effect, the canister inside the drum will be locked down so it remains still. As the canister remains still, the churn will rotate around the canister. It will scrape the sides of the canister to make sure that all chilled parts of the mixture are properly redistributed. It is this combination chilling and churning that will eventually cause the mixture to thicken and become ice cream.

Generally, two different techniques are used by different home ice cream makers to chill the custard mixture. The first method implements ice. This ice will usually be combined with rock salt. The rock salt will allow the ice to lower its freezing point. This will then allow a person to produce colder ice cream. The ice will be placed in spaces in between the canister and the drum of a home ice cream maker. If it melts before the ice cream is finished, it can be replenished.

A second chilling method is implemented by home ice cream makers with an electric design. In this case, an electric system that automatically cools the ice cream will be used instead of ice. This is also the method that is most often used to chill batches of ice cream in the commercial ice cream industry.

Operation of electric and non-electric home ice cream makers vary significantly as well. With a more traditional non-electric home ice cream maker, one will usually have to turn a crank to churn the ice cream. This crank will probably have to be turned for at least twenty minutes. Churning ice cream for twenty minutes by hand can become very unpleasant. This is why it is suggested that this duty is split up among multiple people.

On the other hand, electric home ice cream makers do not require a person to crank a handle to churn the ice cream. An electric motor inside the ice cream maker will churn the ice cream by itself. Additionally, electric ice cream makers are much more efficient and should be able to finish the job much faster than non-electric ice cream makers.

One can find quality home ice cream machines at certain retailers. Checking large department stores and specialty kitchen stores will probably produce the best results. Many websites also offer different varieties of home ice cream makers for sale. However, it is best to read through reviews first before making an online purchase.

You should also be able to find many variations on the ice cream machine beyond just traditional electric and non-electric home ice cream makers. For example, a gelato machine or a frozen drink machine can be bought specifically instead of a regular home ice cream maker.

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