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How To Install Siding - Siding Installation

vinyl corner strip nail

Siding or weatherboarding or shingles is an outer covering formed by horizontal or vertical boards to protect the exterior of a building from the elements. Decide on which siding option is best for the building you intend to cover. Some are energy-efficient and maintenance free. Vinyl siding expands and contracts with weather changes so take that into consideration. Aluminum and vinyl siding are low maintenance and do not require painting. Let’s assume you have selected vinyl siding, which comes in a variety of colors.

Before you begin the siding project, have the following supplies on hand: protective eyewear and gloves, electric saw, channel lock, starter strips, corner molding, corner posts, finish trim, utility trim, measuring tape, galvanized roofing nails, moisture wrap, ½” thick foam insulation, chalk line, mitter saw and a story pole.

Wearing your protective eyewear and gloves, remove existing siding if any, and cover the exterior walls with foam insulation. The vinyl siding will attach to this surface. To protect the exterior walls from moisture, apply moisture wrap to the foam insulation. Galvanized roofing nails should not be flesh; leave room between the head of the nail and the wall so the channel lock moves. Installation of the corner post is done similarly to the channel lock. Starting at the top corner of each corner post, measure the distance, cut and nail each corner post squarely. Shoot galvanized nails one foot apart down each side. A starter strip needs to be applied to the bottom edge of the wall. Using a chalk line, measure level lines between the corner posts around the exterior of the building. The top of the starter strip will be that line. Measure, cut, and nail the strip into place using galvanized nails placed one foot apart. Measure and cut the first strip of vinyl siding. Attached your first vinyl strip so that the bottom edge attaches underneath, slide into the corner, and loosely nail. Repeat these steps across the bottom and up the wall. Create a union of two lengths of vinyl siding by a one to two-inch overlap of one edge over the other. When nearing the roof, use utility trim on the wall, below the soffit. The last row of vinyl siding is nailed into place. Lastly, install finish trim and seal the windows and doors with caulk.

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