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Orlando Fl Schools - Top Rated Orlando, Florida Schools

elementary: middle school: high school: private schools:

When moving to a new place, most parents want to know what kind of an education their children are going to get. It is important to research local schools to decide which would be the best fit for your family. Orlando, FL has some fantastic, top-rated, schools. Here is a breakdown of which schools (both public and private) come out on top for all grade levels.


Nap Ford Community School, located at 648 W Livingston Street, is top-rated amongst parents for elementary schools in Orlando, FL. Nap Ford offers smaller class sizes which means more one-on-one time for teachers and students. Nap Ford also places a high priority on health and wellness living. Lake Como Elementary School, located at 901 S Bumby Ave, is another school that is loved by parents, especially parents of special needs children. Parents rave about the super small class sizes (only 12 students per teacher!) and the programs for disabled children, mainly the autism program.

Middle School:

Legacy Middle School is located at 11398 Lake Underhill Road in Orlando, FL and loved by parents and students alike. Legacy’s teachers use a lot of different teaching methods, and the school is stocked with all state of the art, up to date equipment. Avalon Middle School, located at 13914 Mailer Road, is praised by students even more than parents. Students love that Avalon offers a fun physical education program and a lot of extracurricular activities. Kids are encouraged to have fun being fit and after-school programs help kids bond with one another and keep them out of trouble.

High School:

Workforce Advantage Academy, at 2113 E South Street, is a special kind of high school for students in Orlando, FL. It serves only 11-12 grades and prepares kids for the workforce. While it does offer regular classes and teachers who are very attentive to students’ needs, it also teaches them how to build a resume, fill out tax forms, and find jobs. Many students already have a job lined up for them when they graduate. Boone High School, located at 2000 S Mills Ave, is a very large school but makes students feel like a small family. The teachers and administrators really care about students; offer a lot of clubs and extracurricular, and the school is very involved in the community.

Private Schools:

Orlando Junior Academy, located at 30 E Evans Street, welcomes students from grades K-8. As far as private schools go, the tuition is affordable. OJA does have a religious background, as many private schools do, but perhaps on a smaller scale than some other schools. Parents praise that OJA prepares their children to become adults and wish that it was a K-12 school. Heritage Preparatory School, at 6000 W Colonial Drive in Orlando, FL, is a K-12 learning environment. Parents love that their children can complete their entire grade school education at one school and with the same peers throughout. Most Heritage students go on to college and have a great college-graduation rate. Heritage seems to be a great school for preparing students for a successful academic and professional life. Lake Highland Preparatory School, which is located at 901 N Highland Ave, is a K-12 school. Parents love this school because it has a high college-placement rate, including Ivy League schools. Students are well prepared because Lake Highland is a very sophisticated and structured learning environment. Students enjoy Lake Highland’s abundance of elective classes and the great sports programs.

No matter your financial place in life, it is possible to find a quality school for your children in Orlando, FL. There are plenty of good Public schools to enroll your children in if you do not have the means, or desire, to send them to a private school. It seems as though the qualities that both parents and students alike appreciate are small class sizes, attentive and supportive teachers, a focus on mental and physical wellness, and fun extracurricular activities. Good luck in your search, the possibilities are endless.

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