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How To Publish Book - How to Publish a Book

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Getting a book published can seem like a daunting task, and for good reason. There are many processes and many people that are involved in getting a book through to publishing; it is by no means an overnight success! If you are an aspiring author, wondering how to get a book published, here are 10 steps you can’t miss:

1) Write a book — while it’s not likely that too many people actually overlook this step, it is much more common that people will underestimate it. Writing a book is not easy; it takes a lot of time and dedication. “Writer’s block” is a very real and very ugly monster that is determined to haunt even the most seasoned of authors; it is often the reason why young authors give up before making it past the first step to getting published. If you really want to see your book on the shelves of your local bookstore, get your content down on paper no matter how long and tedious the road proves to be. Once you’ve got a working manuscript, you’re ready for the next step!

2) You need an agent — no one will be able to represent you and your work better than a professional. After you have found an agent, send over your manuscript. Be prepared to rework your content. The agent is going to read over your book, write up a list of critiques (which may or may not be extensive) and send it back to you. An agent can’t send a manuscript to a publisher until it is absolutely ready to be seen.

3) Rewrite — you may spend much time and deliberation on this step, but take the job seriously. You don’t want to be playing “catch” with your agent; you throw it to him, he tosses it back to you, and the cycle continues. Once you’ve gotten the list of revisions, make sure to really take the time necessary to get it right. Your agent does know best; they have seen a lot of material and many different authors and styles. It’s alright to trust someone else’s judgement with your material, as long as you don’t have to compromise the integrity of your work.

4) Wait — at this point, you’re on hold. You’ve revised the manuscript and now it lies in your agent’s capable hands. The agent is going to reread the material, make sure it is fit for processing, and copy it for prospective publishers. Your book’s stop at a publishing office is far from easy; the assistant to the assistant’s assistant and everyone else in the building has to read and accept your material. If someone on the lower end doesn’t like it, why should they bother putting it through to the higher-ups? Rejection is part of the process; not everyone is going to like what you’ve got, and it just means that someone else will get the chance to.

5) Get a contract — step 5 is a happy day! You’ve made it all the way through the publishing house and a contract is ready to be drawn. You are still pretty much at bay, here. Your agent will handle all the wheeling and dealing. After much drawing and redrawing, a contract will be made and you will be halfway done!

6) Rewrite, again — yes, there are probably going to be more revisions. The agent liked your material enough to send for a second opinion, but this is the nitty-gritty; the publisher is the last step before your book is in the hands of regular people around the world, so it has to be perfect. You will be playing catch with the publisher. They have to really be convinced that there is nothing else worth changing before they move into the final processes of publishing your book. However, your agent is always there to talk you up and make you look like the amazing writer that you are; it’s your agent after all!

7) Wait, again — the publishing company will take it from there. They will send the manuscript through the final processes of checking and re-checking and then start production!

8) Look over the proofs — always make sure your book looks exactly the way you want it to! It’s your work, and no one else’s, even though much effort has been put in by everyone involved. If it needs revision, let the publisher know! If not, you’re sending it back with a big smile on your face.

9) Wait … again! — it’s a waiting game from here: the book has to be printed, warehoused and then finally distributed where you can pick it up at the bookstore and read it in public, making sure everyone notices that it’s your picture on the front cover!

10) Celebrate — this doesn’t need much explanation, but it should not be missed because you worked hard, perservered and got results; it’s not easy being an author but someone has to do it. Now, you know how to publish a book and you’re on your way to becoming seasoned, yourself.

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