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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia - Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia Best Features

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia is popular as the world’s most beautiful theme park. This park has been running for twenty years and is a favorite of many families to visit on vacation, as well as a favorite of many local families to enjoy. The park has something for every member of the family, from thrilling rides and entertainment, shopping, and fantastic cuisine, even animals. It is special needs friendly – for families who have a member with special mobility requirements – and it even has a Touch and Go entrance feature which allows for speedy entrance. This feature works with season passes or multi-day tickets and matches the ticket to your finger when you touch a scanner and insert the ticket. It compares the first visit or touch screen with other future visits to make sure that no one but you is using your ticket, in case it gets lost.

There are picnic areas in designated areas, a pet care service, and designated smoking areas as well. Admission is relatively inexpensive compared to other entertainment places and kids under two are free. There is a parking fee.

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia has many fun areas – Le Scoot, Alpengeist, Royal Palace Theatre, Abbey Stone Theatre, Shenanigans Theatre, Globe Theatre, Il Teatro di San Marco, Curse of the DarKastle, Griffon, Lorikeet Glen, Wolf Valley, Eagle Ridge, Castle O’Sullivan, Europe in the Air, Forest of fun, Highland Stables, Lyl’ Clydes, Loch Ness Monster, Land of the Dragons, Kinder Karussel, Rhine River Cruise, Der Katapult, Wirlbelwindchen, Der Wirlbelwind, Red Baron, Der Autobahn, Der Autobahn Jr., Festhaus, The Little Gliders, Escape from Pompeii, The Little Balloons, The Battering Ram, The Flying Machine, Da Vinci’s Craddle, Elephant Run, Roman Rapids, The Trade Wind, Turkish Delight, and Apollo’s Chariot. Each one of these attractions has something to offer every member of the family, even the most persnickety.

Busch Gardens is planning more thrills for the future. In spring of 2011, a new adventure called Mach Tower will be unveiled. The OktoberFest area will be revamped for 2011, and there are plans for a new multi-launch roller coaster for 2012. The Water Country USA section will unveil a new sensational ride called Vanish Point, a water drop ride, with two options, a 75 foot skybox (floor drops) or a 300 foot speed slide. It is expected to be a blast for adventurous fun seekers.

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