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Data Recovery Phoenix - A Guide to Data Recovery in Phoenix

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Large Phoenix businesses tend to have a series of redundancies in place that safeguard them against data loss. For the small business or homeowner, those mechanisms are far less practical. Nevertheless, their data is no less important to them than it is to the corporation, and such loss can even cripple their business or personal finances. The obvious solution then is professional data recovery, but for the Phoenix client who has never dealt with the process before, it may seem like a maze of techno-jargon.

In the Event of Data Loss

Warning: Some of the advice below will advise you to attempt the repair yourself. Do not do so unless you are comfortable with your computer. Do not run any third-party utility unless you know why you’re doing so. This is the wrong time to be running cure-all computer cleaners.

1. The first step is determining what type of data loss occurred. Did you lose data because of a crash or power outage? If you did, you should recognize that there is a strong possibility that the data is not recoverable. This is because there is no practical way to recover data that only existed in memory. Your only hope is that an auto-save feature captured all or some of the data. In that case, consider Step 2.

2. Did you lose data because your accidentally deleted a file or the file became corrupted? In these cases, you may first want to try the undelete and recovery mechanisms built into the operating system or the software that you were using. If that fails, you can attempt recovery using a third-party software solution. Note that since these processes do not write to the recovered sections, there is no risk of further damage to the file. Continue to the next section.

3. Did you lose data due to logical damage, such as corruption of a partition or file table? In this event, you should first run a consistency check on the drive where that partition or file table exists. In most minor cases, the consistency check service will be able to repair the issue. If not, you may opt to use a third-party repair tool. If that does not work or you choose not to, continue to the next section.

4. Did you lose data due to a physical failure, such as mechanical hardware failure or even a scratched CD? In either case, you have few options other than hiring a professional technician in the Phoenix area. In the event of hardware failure, it is important that you shut the computer down completely, and then remove it from the power source. In the case of a malfunctioning drive, it is quite possible for data loss to worsen if left on.

Accessing the Right Data Recovery in Phoenix

1. Did the failure occur on a PC or a Mac? By PC, we mean Windows- and Linux-based machines. Target the recovery service accordingly. PC data recovery is easier to find because most services cater to it. If you’re dealing with a Mac, target a service that specializes in Mac data recovery. The hard drives used in a PC and Mac may be the same, but the format of the stored data is quite different, and those formats call for different strategies and techniques.

2. If possible, do not rely on the Internet to choose a Phoenix service. Look to family, coworkers, and other businesses for a referral. If you lack that resource, contact the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. They can’t give you a direct referral, but they can direct you to a listing of appropriate businesses that have established themselves in the Phoenix area.

3. Check with the Better Business Bureau concerning each of the Phoenix data recovery services you’re considering. Ensure that the company has a brick and mortar presence. Avoid companies that have a substantial record of complaints with the BBB.

4. The goal here is to finish step three with at least three choices. Call each of them and request a rough quote based on the information that you can provide over the phone. If you want or require on-site data recovery, make sure to mention that because there’s usually an additional fee.

Several Respected Data Recovery Services in Phoenix

• Arizona Data Recovery, 2415 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix AZ 85016
ADR Data Recovery, 40 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004
• Premier Computer & Network Solutions, 5800 N 19th Ave Ste 108, Phoenix, AZ 85015

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