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Electrical Switch Plates - How to Change Electrical Switch Plates

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Electrical switch plates are located all throughout a home, yet many people don’t understand how to change them. Changing a switch plate is necessary in many situations, and learning how to do it is an important skill to have in your home improvement repertoire. Fortunately, changing electrical switch plates is far easier than most people think, and can be done within a matter of minutes. So long as you follow the steps below, you should have no issue learning how to change a switch plate.

1.) The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase a replacement switch plate from a hardware store. Choose a switch plate that will match your room and fit the scenario as best as possible. Be sure you stick to general design principles, such as avoiding colorful switch plates in rooms that are devoid of color. Once purchased, be sure you read and internalize the instructions that come along with the switch plate.

2.) One of the most important things to remember when changing out a switch plate is that you need to turn off the electricity to the room the plate is located in. Many people believe you can just unscrew the plate, but the fact is that this is an electrical hazard. Be sure the power is shut off before continuing with the installation. Shutting off the power is as simple as flipping the circuit breaker, which is usually located in the basement of a home.

3.) Once the power is off, continue the process by unscrewing the current plate and setting the screws in a safe place. Make sure you do not lose the screws, as you will need them to finish the job.

4.) Line the new plate up where the old one was and attach it to the wall with the reserved screws.

5.) Turn the power back on to test your installation and ensure that nothing went wrong during the process.

Changing an electrical switch plate is easy, so long as you are careful when doing so. Always be sure that the power is turned off before unscrewing the original faceplate from the wall, as you want to do all that’s possible to avoid electrical shock. Once you change a switch plate once or twice, it becomes a second-nature skill that you will have for the rest of your life.

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