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Fargo North Dakota Hotels - How To Select The Right Fargo North Dakota Hotels

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Being one of the least populated states in the U.S.A., North Dakota is an unfamiliar territory on a national scale or even when considering only the Midwest region. Although not much goes on in most of North Dakota, there are some vibrant cities such as Fargo and Bismarck. With a population of about 100,000 residents, Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota. It is located about 200 miles east of the state’s capital Bismarck, which has a population of just over 50,000 residents. While politics are decided in the state’s capital, there is no doubt that Fargo is the most active and vibrant community in North Dakota.

The most prominent feature of Fargo is North Dakota State University. With an enrollment of over 14,000 students and a staff of 5,000, the university is a major part of the city’s economy and tourism. With that in mind, higher education is the number one reason for attracting visitors to Fargo. Of course, cultural venues, businesses, and retailers attract plenty of more visitors to Fargo. For example, visitors explore art, history, and aviation at the Plains Art Museum and Fargo Air Museum. The West Acres Shopping Center and Moorhead Center are major shopping destinations in the region. Golf courses and country clubs are rare in North Dakota, and Fargo has several of these which attract significant amounts of visitors seeking recreation.

Whether it is for business, education, or pleasure, Fargo attracts visitors for various reasons. The most important issues that visitors need to take care of are transportation and lodging. Fortunately, both of these two aspects go hand in hand together because there are plenty of hotels with convenient access to the local transportation system.

Driving to Fargo, North Dakota is the most popular form of transportation. The city is located at the intersection of Interstate 29 and Interstate 94. Visitors from all directions arrive to Fargo via these two highways that stretch for thousands of miles. Visitors also have the option of flying to Fargo and arriving at Hector International Airport. The airport has flights to destinations such as Minneapolis, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Denver. Another major part of Fargo’s transportation system is the Fargo Amtrak Station, which is served by long distance trains along the Empire Builder line.

After determining the type of transportation that will be taken, visitors and tourists can then start looking for Fargo North Dakota Hotels. To make the search process easier, there are hotels concentrated in specific areas near the city’s transportation hubs.

For example, there are several excellent hotels right at Hector International Airport. The Days Inn and Suites Fargo 19th Ave/Airport Dome, Homewood Suites by Hilton Fargo, and Candlewood Suites FARGO-N. DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY are located only minutes away from the airport. These three hotels are situated along 19th Avenue.

Speaking of convenience, these hotels are also within walking distance from North Dakota State University. That is why these hotels would be the ideal choices for anyone flying to Fargo and or visiting the university campus. The room rates start at just under $100 per night for such hotels.

Another section of Fargo which has plenty of hotels is the intersection of I-94 and I-29. Between exits 64 and 65, there are several hotels which drivers can select from. In fact, this area is also where the West Acres Shopping Center is located, which is a major mall in the region. Guests can expect to find familiar hotel chain names in this area. Some of the available choices include Fairfield Inn, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Country Inn & Suites, and Kelly Inn. Since these hotels are located near major interstate highways exits, there are plenty of on-site parking spaces available to accommodate drivers.

The buildings are similar to typical suburban hotels. Guests can enjoy the best modern amenities such as high speed internet, cable TV, room service, swimming pools, fitness centers, meeting and business centers, on-site restaurants, and much more. Overall, the I-29 and I-94 intersection area is home to the best hotels in Fargo, and they are ideal for families and groups. Therefore, the room rates are priced slightly higher than other hotels. Most basic guests rooms start at just above $100 per night, and there may be more lavish and spacious suites available.

The most notable hotel in Fargo is the Radisson. Located along 5th Street near Main Avenue in the downtown section, this hotel is actually the tallest building in Fargo. The high rising tower is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, and the prices start at about $150 per night. It is ideal for business trips, since it is in the city’s core district.

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