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Marina Del Rey Homes - Life in Marina Del Rey: Well Worth Living

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Marina Del Rey is located on the coast of Southern California, nestled between Hermosa Beach and the Santa Monica Bay area. This beach community is an ideal place to live, and for a number of reasons. Marina Del Rey homes are geographically desirable, stylishly ornate, and they’re central to quality educational institutions as well. In addition, Marina Del Rey homes are merely a stone’s throw from an array of activities in the greater Los Angeles area. Known as L. A.’s Westside, the community’s waterfront scene includes a postcard view of luxury yachts parked in the harbor, and just beyond the bay’s inlet, an extensive expanse of the Pacific Ocean can be seen, as it stretches for miles; on the clearer days, a snapshot of Catalina Island sits between the harbor and the beautiful horizon. This ideal panoramic vista can be seen from most any Marina Del Rey home.

Marina Del Rey homes mainly consist of oceanfront condominiums and apartments, yet single and multiple family dwellings are available as well. These homes were built during the 1960’s; additional properties have been added since that time, and the community’s average population is approximately 20,000. The climate surrounding Marina Del Rey homes is temperate. The average January temperature is 67° Fahrenheit, and during summer months the mercury can reach upwards of 80°. The low temperature in the winter months averages in the 40s; during the summer, the lows average in the 60s. Annual rainfall in Marina Del Rey is 13,” and the annual snowfall is zero, although the local mountains provide ample amounts of fresh powder.

Commuting in and out of Marina Del Rey comes in many different forms of transportation. Public transport travels to all the major metropolitan hubs, and of course, individual driving is standard. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a fifteen minute drive from the marina, and for those who opt to take the path less traveled, sailing in and out of the marina is a viable option.

Marina Del Rey has a variety of post-secondary educational facilities, such as the UCLA Marine Aquatic Center, Antioch University Los Angeles, Information Sciences Institute, and John Hopkins University. USC, UCLA, and Loyola Marymount are located just outside of the marina. Quite a few college students live in the marina, which helps give the town a sense of added and welcome culture.

Many people from different cultures visit the boardwalk in Marina Del Rey, which is a major attraction for tourists and locals alike; in fact, the boardwalk stretches for 26 miles across the Southern California coastline, from Hermosa Beach and all the way north to Malibu. Whether walking, skating or bicycling, millions of people have trod the scenic path. Located right next to Marina Del Rey, the Venice Beach boardwalk is a place where many different events happen all at once. Muscle Beach is a small off-chute of Venice, and has a designated spot for bodybuilders who show off their public displays of strength. Also included in the festivities are street performers, mimes, acrobats, musicians, singers, fortune tellers, and prophets. Local vendors sell T-shirts, shoes, funky clothing, food and drink, and a list of souvenirs. Venice is also known as a sidewalk circus, located just out of earshot from the marina, yet it is a mere 5 minutes away when traveling on foot.

Another amenity of living in Marina Del Rey homes is the nightlife. When the sun goes down, entertainment abounds in a variety of establishments. Nearly all imaginable types of cuisine are close by, from seafood restaurants to beachside cafes. Foods from a variety of cultures can satisfy most any palette. Different nightclubs provide DJs and dancing, and live performances from easy listening to jazz, and from rhythm and blues to rock and roll. Dinner and dancing cruises are also available, not to mention the many other things to do on Washington and Lincoln Boulevards.

The social climate in and around Marina Del Rey is a friendly one. People from all walks of life reside there, from everyday people to celebrities. The atmosphere in this beachside community has something for almost everyone, which is why Marina Del Rey homes are worth every penny as a lifetime investment.

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