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Clifton Homes For Sale - Relevant Data for Anybody Thinking about Buying Clifton Homes that are for Sale

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Anybody who is thinking about relocating needs to do some research in order to know if the area that they are thinking about moving to is really what they are looking for. Here are some of the facts and figures that you should be aware of if you are considering looking for Clifton homes that are for sale.

In 2009, there were about seventy eight thousand people living in Clifton, a small town in New Jersey. The number of people who live in the town actually went down half a percent in the preceding ten years. Despite the fact that the town itself is small, the population density is actually quite high, with almost seven thousand people per square mile. Another interesting fact is that there are about eleven women for every ten men in the area. The mean age of residents in the community is quite close to the average across the nation, about thirty nine years.

To get an idea of the prosperity of the people you would be living near if you bought one of the Clifton homes for sale in the area, fifty percent of the houses in the town bring in an income amounting to more than sixty seven thousand dollars. This provides for an income of more than thirty three thousand dollars per person. Half the houses in the area have a value of greater than three hundred and sixty five thousand dollars. New Clifton homes for sale come at an average price of about three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. While the income is fairly high in the area, the cost of living is somewhat high as well. Clifton is indexed at about a hundred and twenty five, where the national average is one hundred. The property taxes average about 1.8 percent.

If you were to buy a Clifton home that was for sale, about four fifths of your neighbors who were over twenty five years of age would have at least a high school education behind them. Twenty three percent have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, and almost eight percent of them have a professional degree. About five percent of the people in this age range are unemployed. For those who are employed, it takes roughly twenty five minutes for most people to get from home to work.

If you are looking for neighbors with a similar marital status, about fifty four percent of the people over fifteen years old who live in Clifton are married, with just over two percent being separated. About eight percent have been divorced, and ten percent widowed. Twenty seven percent of this segment of the population has never been married.

About thirty percent of the population of Clifton was born in a nation other than the United States. Eleven percent are from Europe, ten from Latin America, and seven percent from Asia.

If you want a place to live that is far away from a big city, then finding Clifton homes for sale is a bad decision. If, on the other hand, you like knowing that there is a big city nearby, it could be the right choice for you, with Manhattan being only twelve miles away. Only twenty percent of the workers both live and work in Clifton.

Considering its close proximity to a big city, Clifton has a low crime rate. In 2008, its crime index was 201, in comparison with the national average, which is 293. That was the case for the majority of kinds of crimes. Auto thefts were comparable to the national average, as were robberies.

Among men, the diversity of the types of work available is fairly high, with the most dominant industry, construction, only claiming eight percent of the jobs. Seven percent work in the professional industries, five percent in food service, five more in finance, four in education, four more in health care, and three percent in food stores. Among women, the story is somewhat different, with health care taking up fifteen percent of the jobs, and education taking up twelve percent. Eight percent work in professional industries, seven in finance, five in food service, three percent work with chemicals, and three more in public administration.

In the summer, the highs reach an average of about eighty five degrees. In the winter, the lows reach an average of about twenty degrees. Precipitation is somewhat higher than normal, snowfall is slightly higher than average, as is the wind speed.

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