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Garden Pond Liner - The Correct Way to Use a Garden Pond Liner

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A garden pond liner forms the boundaries of your garden pond. It protects your pond from the elements, including cold and heat, and the surrounding mud and dirt which could erode your pond over time, as well as tree roots or shrubs. PVC is one type of material that is commonly used for pond liners, but a more permanent solution that stands up better to the things which could harm your pond is to buy an EPDM pond liner. Something to think about when choosing your pond liner material is whether or not you will be including stock fish, plants, and other aquatic life in your pond. You will want to be sure to use materials which will not harm the delicate ecosystem of your private garden pond.

Garden ponds are usually excavated from the ground in a remote place in your backyard or made out of rock formations. Sometimes it is both. The importance of the garden pond liner is that it protects your pond from the steady erosion that can be caused by the softening of the earth and rocks surrounding the perimeter of your pond. Many experienced pond owners recommend reinforced polyethylene. Not only is it safe for fish and other aquatic life, but it is superior in its ability to withstand extremes of temperature, either hot or cold. Affordably priced and available in whatever shape or footage you need, this is the best option for most people.

It is helpful to plan ahead for determining the shape of your garden, as well as the purpose. Deciding whether you want to beautify your landscape with a pond free of fish and plants which will serve as a water supply for birds and nearby wildlife as well as making your yard and garden look beautiful, or whether you will be making the investment in stock fish and plants for your pond is an important thing to determine before you begin construction on your garden pond. Preformed pond liners, which are ideal for smaller ponds, are the best choice for beginners, allowing you to achieve the desired shape for your pond without calculating the exact square footage. Digging out a garden pond in a section of your yard by hand is one approach, but you can hire a contractor to do this step for you. Measure the pond liner you have purchased, then tell them the shape and size you need. Afterward, all you will need to do is put in your pond liner and you are ready to get out the hose and fill your pond with water to the desired level.

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