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Aerobed Air Mattress - Different Types of AeroBed Air Mattress

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Air mattresses range from the five dollar skinny types children use in the swimming pool to a higher-end luxury AeroBed Air Mattress. The latter are geared toward people who need a take-along bed when traveling, or even those needing extra beds in a spare room in their house.


The AeroBed air mattress comes with certain features across the full line of products. Other features are special to certain models. Here are some of the most popular features.

Thick, puncture-resistant vinyl makes up the outer layer, while inner coils provide structural support. These coils separate the air in the mattress into compartments, so a slow leak won’t deflate the entire bed. An AeroBed air mattress will last several years with occasional use, or several months of constant use.

AeroBeds use an AC pump that can inflate the mattresses very easily and quickly, no matter what the size. Mattresses deflate in seconds, and all come with carrying cases for easy travel and storage.

AeroBed air mattresses are all set to standard bed sizes so they can use the same sheets you use for your regular beds. Many models have their own fleece covering for extra warmth.

Popular Types

One of the most popular types is the AeroBed Premier Classic with Comfort Zone Coils. This twin-size mattress supports up to 450 pounds and is nine inches thick. The top of the mattress is the fleece cover and the built-in pump is recessed for comfort. As a smaller model, it is one for the budget conscious consumer. This model has been endorsed by the Orthopedic Research Institute for its superior back and joint support.

There is even an AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids. It’s smaller, but made with the same high quality as adult models and is perfect for travel or slumber parties. The heavy duty vinyl is easy to wipe clean. Its fleece cover has a printed design of stars and moons. It also has a four-inch cushion barrier to prevent kids from rolling off the mattress in their sleep. It inflates in under a minute by pressing a button. The seams are welded together electronically to stand up to children’s play.

The AeroBed Guest Choice Air Mattress is aimed toward those looking for a bed they can use temporarily, or even longer term, in a guest room. This queen-size bed, like all AeroBeds, quickly inflates and gives inner coil support.

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