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Beloit Homes For Sale - Reasons to Purchase Beloit Homes for Sale

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If you are looking for a great small town in which to raise a family, then looking into purchasing Beloit homes is a great idea. Beloit is a lovely small town situated right on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois. The Beloit city proper is home to a little less than 40,000 people, but the greater Beloit area has around 90,000 residents. These people are drawn to Beloit’s charms. Beloit is a small town that gives its residents and visitors a taste of nostalgia. Walking around this pleasant town transports people back to a simpler time, a time in which everyone knew their neighbors and felt a real sense of community. Here are some of the best reasons to buy Beloit homes for sale.

First of all, people buying homes for sale in Beloit can be sure they are walking into a town with a robust economy. This town has always been a city of innovation, including its most significant claim to fame, the invention of the speedometer. Beloit is home to two big factory employers, a Frito Lays plant and a Hormel plant. Both offer many secure jobs to Beloit residents and potential residents.

In addition to the plants, Beloit is the only city in all of Wisconsin to be the headquarters for three different multi-billion dollar companies. ABC Supply Company, Inc. is a roofing, siding and windows and gutters supply company that has more than 300 stores across the country. It is a great place to work, winning a highly prestigious Gallup Great Workplace Award in 2007. Regal-Beloit is one of the biggest manufacturers of electric motors on the planet. Its equipment can be found in almost every residential HVAC system in the country. It employs over 13,000 people around the world, including Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia. It is a great stable company for people buying Beloit homes for sale to get a job with. The third multibillion dollar company people moving to Beloit can find work with is Kerry Ingredients. This company produces sauces, batter mixes, bread crumbs, butter products, marinades and pastes. It has over 23,000 employees throughout the world producing more than 10,000 food products.

The downtown area is a great place for people to buy Beloit homes for sale. In recent years, the downtown area of Beloit has undergone a significant revival. Located right next to the Rock River, the downtown area is home to amazing restaurants, spectacular specialty boutiques and a wide assortment of entertainment options. The revival of downtown has seen the building of many upscale condominiums, which are great new residences for people looking for homes for sale in Beloit to consider.

Beloit is a beautiful town in which to buy homes for sale. It has been a Tree City for 22 years, which makes it one of the longest-running tree cities in the United States. America in Bloom, a non-profit organization that recognizes American cities for their use of flowers, trees, plants and environmentally sound city planning, called Beloit, “the best kept secret of the Midwest,” in a 2007 contest. Beloit won the contest for its cities of its size, as well as winning the grand prize for best city landscaping of any size city.

There are a number of fun activities available for people buying Beloit homes for sale. Beloit is home to the Beloit Snappers, a minor league team that is part of the Milwaukee Twins’ farm system. Many famous players have spent time on the Snappers’ roster, including Prince Fielder and Tony Gwynn, Jr.

Cultural fans will not be disappointed after they buy one of the homes for sale in Beloit. The Beloit Janesville Symphony has more than 80 performers that give 15 concerts a year. One of their biggest events of the year is a 4th of July patriotic pops concert that is free for all to attend. The Beloit Civic Theatre is the largest community theatre in Wisconsin, and it performs several wonderful plays and musicals every year.

If you are looking for a beautiful, friendly town in which you can safely raise your family, then buying one of the Beloit homes for sale will fit your needs. It is a wonderful place to live, and it becomes more vibrant with each passing year.

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