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Clayton Homes For Sale - Homes For Sale Built By Clayton

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When looking to build a home or to move into an existing home, a huge option for anyone is to buy a Clayton home that is for sale. These Clayton homes are manufactured homes that are brought out and set up on the land that you have. Why buy a manufactured home? Simply because it is much easier than having to pay contractors, design a home that you want, or to be shopping on the market for months on end finding something that fits your needs.

Many people are under the assumption that these types of homes are not worth the money that they cost. However, they are wrong. Clayton homes for sale are top of the line in quality and offer many different types for people to choose from. Most people are still hung up on the word ‘manufactured’ and thus believe that speaks for the quality. However, Clayton homes for sale also offer modular homes which more and more people are taking advantage of for all the reasons described beforehand. Clayton promises that their homes are built to meet or exceed the standards that are set forth by the Federal Government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as exceeding the local standards for where the home will be placed.

How does a Clayton home work? The person interested in purchasing one of these homes, simply goes to the Clayton gallery and look at what is available. Many times, they have models set up right on the premises, in which the person can tour. However, if they find that there is nothing there that fits their needs, there is also a catalog that people can look at. In addition, for example, you find the perfect house for you, but there is just one little thing off that is ruining the house for you. If this aspect is something like the coloring inside the house, you can opt to have a different color scheme. Realistically, you are getting to choose everything for your new home just as you would if you were building the home yourself. So, once a person finds the home of their dreams, they make their down payment. The home is put together at a remote location and then in a little time, the home is brought out in pieces to the land in which you want to place the home. From there, Clayton workers will put up your home ensuring that you get quality work.

The designs that a person has to choose from when they are considering Clayton homes for sale are endless. For example, a very popular design that people are taking is the e-home, which is designed to save you energy. This home is designed to save you around 20% to 30% on your energy costs because it is equipped with premium insulation, low energy windows and compact lighting, plus much more. Another type of house that is available is the Leconte C Series, which basically is a log cabin. This is a popular layout because it looks just like those log cabins out there that took months to build, however, with the added bonus of being ready in a few days once construction begins. The majority of all the Clayton homes for sale come with numerous floor plans for a person to choose from, so there is no need to worry if you find the outside of a house you like, but want to change the interior.

Purchasing a Clayton home is a great option that most people seem to brush off. However, with all the choices of homes that a person has, with the added benefit of having a home that is completely manufactured to your tastes, it is an obvious choice for many people.

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