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American Home Insurance Company - How to Select the Best American Home Insurance Company

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It is somewhat obvious that home insurance is a good backup to have in the case that something should ever go wrong with one’s home. Home insurance provides protection against potential natural disasters, accidents, and losses that might occur to one’s home or on the premises of one’s home. By purchasing such insurance from an American home insurance company such as Allstate, State Farm, Travelers, or Nationwide, one can feel assured that he or she will be kept safe from such mishaps for as long as he or she owns the home.

However, with the plethora of different companies that are around today, it can be difficult to determine which American home insurance company best suits one’s needs. The following guide outlines several major American home insurance companies and will help home owners to decide which home insurance provider is best for them.

Founded in 1931, Allstate is currently the second largest American home insurance company in the nation. Allstate sells thirteen major lines of insurance, with home insurance being one of their most popular sales. Allstate offers home insurance in all of the states except for California (Allstate suspended its California home owners insurance program in 2007. However, each Allstate agency in this state provides its customers with access to Pacific Specialty Insurance Company home insurance). Customer reviews of Allstate tend to be mixed. Some individuals praise the quality and customer service offered by Allstate agents, while others criticize the company greatly, saying that Allstate does everything that is possibly can to avoid paying claims.

State Farm is the United States’ largest American home insurance company. Although State Farm’s greatest focus is on its automobile insurance, its home insurance program has been largely researched and developed in order to provide customers with the best services possible. Of course, State Farm has suffered its fair share of criticism. State Farm has been accused of fighting insurance claims to impossible extents. However, State Farm’s sixty years of home insurance experience and enormous customer range (it currently insures over 13.5 million homes) place many home owners at ease. State Farm asserts that it will provide home owners with watertight insurance that can provide compensation for property at replacement value and protection against liability lawsuits.

Many American home owners choose to employ Travelers Insurance for their home insurance needs. This choice is oftentimes due to the stupendous rates that Travelers tends to offer. While rates will obviously vary between individual homes and financial situations, Travelers Insurance oftentimes costs up to fifteen percent less than comparable home insurance companies. Travelers Insurance additionally offers extra discounts which home owners can obtain through various special promotions. Of course, while Travelers Insurance is a very popular and reputable company, such low prices obviously have their drawbacks. Customer service is frequently reported as being quite poor for this company. Customers state that they often have a hard time even meeting with their insurance representative, let alone eking out a reasonable plan with him or her. However, customer service varies between individual agents, and potential home buyers should research an individual agent before turning him or her away based on the reputation of his or her company.

Nationwide also offers a number of different discounts that are similar to those offered by Travelers Insurance. Based in Columbus, Ohio, his American home insurance company is slightly smaller than the aforementioned corporations, but is still a major figure in the home insurance scene. Nationwide sometimes is unable to offer the bargain rates of the giant mega-corporations that it competes against because of its smaller size. However, the extra fee that is involved with buying home insurance from Nationwide is usually diminutive enough to be considered negligible, and many home owners find that the services offered by Nationwide are worth the slightly higher cost. Nationwide places a large emphasis on the honesty and integrity of its company. Furthermore, Nationwide takes great pains to include diversity and equality in all of its offered insurance rates. Home insurance from Nationwide includes several areas that are left out by other corporations, such as smoke damage, damage due to plumbing overflow, and liability protection for the purchaser and all inhabitants under the age of 21 (rather than under the age of 18, as is the case with some other insurance providers).

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