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Windows 2003 Backup - How to Schedule a Windows 2003 Backup

files program click run

As you may or may not know, previous versions of the Windows system did not have a backup program installed. One would need to purchase a separate backup program in order to backup important files. The Windows 2003 operating system now has a built in Windows 2003 backup software available. This software gives you the ability to configure all of your backups and run scheduled backup processes. In order to do this, you will need to know your way around a computer.

First, you need to log into your computer. Make sure that you are logged in as an administrator or a backup operator. This will give you the authority to run the Windows 2003 backup program.

Open up your task scheduler. After you have done this, go to the “Start” icon and click on “All Programs”. You should see an icon that is labeled “Accessories”. Click on this and then find “System Tools”. This will take you to a list of administrator operations.

Go into advanced mode and the click on the “Backup” tab. After you have done this, click on the job menu and hit “New”.

This should show you a list of all of the files on your computer. Go through the files and click on the check boxes that are next to the files that you need to backup. You can essentially backup anything with this Windows 2003 backup program. Do not hesitate to backup folders, files, or even drives.

After you have gone through everything on your computer, you need to pick a place to put the files that are backed up. There should be a backup destination box that allows you to choose your backup destination. You can choose a tape device or a file device.

After you have done this, the next screen will show you two options. You will see “Backup Media” or “File Name Box”. You will need to specify a file name for your files or you will need to specify a destination path. Simply choose the option that you are interested in using.

Find the tools menu and then select “Options”. You will be given a list of other configuration options. Configure your backup program and then select “Schedule Backup”. Next, you will need to click on the “Schedule” tab. In this tab, you need to decide how often you want the program to backup your files. Decide how often the program should run and when it should run.

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