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Tub Shower Faucets - Installing New Tub Shower Faucets

pipes soldering existing water

The first step in installing tub shower faucets is preparation. If your shower has an access panel, you will need to remove it. If not, then you will have to expose the pipes by removing the section of wall housing your pipes. Read the instructions that came with your faucet before going any further. Older homes often have galvanized steel pipes, and depending on the condition of these pipes, you may need to replace them. If they haven’t suffered any severe corrosion and are still in usable condition, you can proceed with replacing the existing faucet.

Galvanized steel pipes are threaded, so instead of soldering your new faucet to the existing pipes, you will need to attach it to the threaded ends. You can protect these ends with plumbers tape. Unscrew the union fittings. Older faucets tend to have separate hot and cold handles, and if this is the case with your existing faucet, you may want to replace it with a single dial that lets you choose between hot and cold by moving it either to the left or to the right. Depending on the directions that came with your new faucet, you might need to drill a new hole for the handle and cover the existing holes with some cover plates. These are usually sold separately, and can be purchased at a hardware store or plumbing supply specialty store. If you have copper pipes, cutting and soldering will be involved in the procedure necessary to install your new faucet. It always pays off to follow the directions that came with your faucet. This is your best bet in ensuring that it gets installed correctly with no leak issues. If your bathroom does not have an access panel, you may be interested in installing one. This will make it easier for you or future homeowners to make repairs and replacements to your tub and shower hardware. It needs to extend one foot above your faucet, and should reach down to the floor. This makes future repairs much easier.

Flushing your water lines is the next step. You will want to remove the cartridge from your new faucet to do this. In the even that you bought a faucet with no shut-off controls, you will need to have someone else turn the water main on, and you will need to provide a bucket to catch the water and falling debris, which could include old bits of solder and rust. From there on out, you will need to follow the manufacturers directions to perform the cutting, soldering, and installation correctly. Remember that if you have threaded pipes, screwing on the new faucet will be required instead of soldering. When you are finished, you should keep the instructions for future reference. It may be convenient to keep them inside your bathroom cabinet in a clear plastic bag. These documents contain important information including part numbers and diagrams for the installation.

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