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Las Vegas Discount Tickets - How to Get Las Vegas Discount Tickets

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Las Vegas discount tickets can be found for a variety of venues if you know where to look. The first rule of thumb is to not buy discount coupons or tickets because you can get them for free. It may take a little time and some research, but if you look for the bargains, you will find them. Following, we’ll provide insider information as to where you can get some of these discount tickets for Las Vegas.

Transportation is one of the first things for which visitors to Las Vegas look for discounts. With millions of people flying in and out of the city each year, competition is keen, which is good for visitors. One of the best ways to ensure you get a discount on your transportation costs is to join the email mailing lists of every airline you fly. This way, you will be apprised when flights go on sale. Often, these sales last for three days only, so by being proactive, you can get in on the best prices. Also, take advantage of any frequent flyer program your airline has. Even if it takes a while to earn, a free flight is still a free flight.

Many visitors to Las Vegas look for discounts on hotel rooms. Here again, it is a good idea to join the email mailing lists of every hotel or chain you are interested in patronizing. You can sometimes get two for one deals like this or an extra night’s stay for free.

One of the best ways to get Las Vegas discount tickets is to join the players club at any casino where you gamble. This way, you will be eligible for comps when you rack up points on your player’s club card. If you stay where you play, this could turn into free hotel rooms, but even if you don’t spend a great deal of money, you are likely to at least get a free meal at the hotel’s buffet. Since gamblers earn points whether they win or lose, comps can either help cushion the blow of losing, or they can be icing on the cake.

There is another thing to take into consideration regarding player’s clubs. Casinos that are owned by the same corporation or group have the same players club cards. If you limit your gambling to casinos within your favorite group, you will earn points on every pull of the slot machine or at every table wager. You can usually find out which casinos belong to the same group by looking at their website. Your players club card might also list these casinos on the back of the card.

Many visitors to Las Vegas are always on the lookout for discount show tickets. There are various ways to go about getting these as well. If you rack up enough comps, you might be able to get free show tickets, but even without comps, there are ways to save money while seeing the top shows.

One way is to visit the Tickets Tonight booth located at various locations along the Las Vegas strip. You have to show up at the ticket booth on the day of the show as you will not be provided any information over the phone. However, you can save about 50% off of the box office price by purchasing your tickets from them. One caveat is that they may not always have discount tickets to the shows you want to see; however, they do carry discount tickets to major Las Vegas shows, so it is worth a try to see what they have at the time you are visiting.

Another way to get Las Vegas discount tickets is to pick up a coupon book at the airport, in your hotel room, or at other Las Vegas locations. These books have discount coupons for shows, food, and casinos. Some of these coupons are for buy one, get one free deals, so you can save a lot of money on food this way.

There are some free discount tickets online that you can print out and take to Las Vegas with you; however, most of what you will find online is in print and ready for you to grab as soon as you arrive in the most exciting city in the world.

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