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Eureka Cordless Vacuum - Cleaning Made Easy with the Eureka Cordless Vacuum

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Eureka cordless vacuums make caring for your floors and carpets quick and almost effortless. Cordless models allow you to move about your house with ease, never having to worry about finding an electrical outlet or tripping over or rewinding the cord after use. Lightweight, cordless vacs make the perfect choice for quick cleanups without the hassle of a cumbersome, corded vacuum cleaner or the inconvenient, and often ineffective, use of a broom and dustpan.

Cordless models, with cleaning paths ranging between 7.5 to 10 inches, work well for bathrooms, kitchens and other small areas. These models make it easy to quickly take care of messes as they happen without a lot of fuss. With a motor-driven on/off brush roller to lift dirt and particles and move them toward the suction area, these models work equally well on bare floors or carpeted areas. While brooms leave residue behind and dust mops work well for dust but not for crumbs, cordless vacuums provide enough suction to tackle any type of floor cleaning jobs.

Most of the Eureka cordless models have a 2-in-1 design that converts from a stick vac to a hand vac. By removing the handle and the motorized brush head, the unit can function as a hand-held vacuum, allowing for versatile use on furniture, draperies, crevices or other hard to reach areas. While the vacuum handle does not offer any height adjustment capability, you can remove the handle to use the convenient built-in handle on the vacuum body when cleaning stairs or other small, close areas.

Comparable in size and power to traditional corded models, cordless vacuums offer the convenience of being powered by rechargeable battery rather than electricity. A wall-mounted charger comes as part of the package, with some models including an additional battery, giving you enough power to clean your entire home. Other models may offer additional batteries as a separate purchase. Users will appreciate the value of multiple batteries when desiring to clean larger areas in a single session since the batteries last approximately 15 minutes per charge. When done cleaning, store and recharge your cordless vacuum using the handy wall-mount rack provided with most models.

Rather than having a replaceable bag for dust and dirt collection, most cordless models use an easy-empty cup as part of their clean-air system. Simply use the quick-release latch to remove the dust cup when full, empty and replace it to continue cleaning. You may also find additional dust cups available for purchase for some of the various models.

Given the lightweight design of the various Eureka cordless vacuums, most users find that once they have tried them, they become a part of their daily cleaning routine. Easy to use, convenient to store, ready to go when you need it, and reasonably priced, cordless vacuums can almost make cleaning fun.

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