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Road Runner Home Page - An Inside Look at the Road Runner Home Page

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With real time news alerts and a completely customizable user interface, there are more reasons that ever to begin using the Road Runner home page as your landing page every time that you open your internet browser. The Road Runner home page offers users a wide variety of tools and resources that provide individuals with access to all of their most commonly used information portals whenever they log on to the internet. Given the centralized nature of the Road Runner central website, this site makes an excellent homepage for individuals who are fairly unfamiliar with using the internet and only use the internet to access to very basic information.

Most people who rely heavily upon the Road Runner home page are customers that are subscribed to the Road Runner High Speed internet access service offered by Time Warner. Road Runner is an internet service provide, or ISP, that first appeared on the market in 1998 with a mascot based on the popular Road Runner Looney Tunes character. In more recent years, Road Runner has begun offering high speed internet access of varying speeds based on the tiers of service that are available in a subscriber’s area. Today, Road Runner high speed internet access through AOL, Earthlink, Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable.

Much like the traditional AOL opening page, Road Runner offers it subscribers a unique information portal every time that they log on to the internet in the form of the Road Runner home page. The site specializes in providing visitors with a constantly updated feed of all of the stories and websites that are making headlines that day, as well as localized content like weather updates, restaurant reviews and concert announcements.

The Road Runner home page is split into five different channels, including news, sports, shopping, games and entertainment. The news section of the Road Runner home page features breaking stories from the AP wire, as well as longer articles licensed from various news outlets. The news section also has a popular subtopic called Good News that focuses on providing upbeat news articles. Visitors can find a wide range of casual games on the games section of the Road Runner home page, while the entertainment section offers an online store for various videos and breaking news from Hollywood. Other popular sections of the Road Runner home page include information portals to content pertaining to dating, employment, travel and finance.

One of the most popular features of the Road Runner home page is direct access to local television listings throughout the country. All visitors can easily access TV listings for their region regardless of whether or not a visitor has an account with the Road Runner ISP. All that users need to do is to enter their zip code into the TV listings section of the Road Runner home page and select the date and time that they would like to look up. The Road Runner home page TV listings provide users with various information for every television program, including a short description, rating and whether or not closed captioning is currently available.

The Road Runner home page also allows Road Runner subscribers to have direct access to their Road Runner email account from their internet browser. Many Road Runner users are accustomed to using a separate program to send and receive email messages. The Road Runner home page allows these users to easily access their email without visiting any additional websites, which is particularly useful for customers who are still learning the basics of using the internet.

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