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Panama City Rentals - Panama City Vacation Rentals

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Renting in Panama City can be an exciting venture, particularly if a vacation is the end goal. However, there are homes, apartments and condos available for part time rental, such as for vacations, or for full time rental, for on-site living. Full time rental properties are more difficult to come by, however, due to the popularity of the Panama City area.

Panama City rental locations range in price beginning at $150 per night up to more than $900 per night. This price depends heavily upon the number of bedrooms available in the rental unit and the proximity of the rental to the family friendly Panama City beach.

Rates are considerably less for Panama City rentals if the rental period falls between late October and early March, which is considered the off season for the area. Rentals that fall between late March and early October tend to cost more, as the area is warmer, the water is tropical and perfect for swimming and sunshine is abundant.

Many Panama City rentals are fully furnished, and most have more than one bedroom. It is wise to note the number of occupants a given rental unit can handle, however, as some properties have restrictions on the number of guests. Bedrooms can have one or two beds, and many rental properties have sleeper sofas that can accommodate additional guests.

Quite often, Panama City rental properties will come equipped with a washer and dryer, internet access, free local phone calls, and televisions with satellite access. Other units have access to swimming pools, spas, gyms, game rooms and meeting facilities, depending upon the exact location of the property.

It is important to note that many rental units in Panama City are for non-smokers, so ensure that you state smoking preferences when renting the property. Typically, rental agencies do not refund fees if the guest did not specifically state their preferences.

There are very Panama City rentals that allow dogs to accompany guests. In addition, those properties that do allow animals have strict guidelines on the size, and sometimes breed, of the dog. Higher cleaning fees and an additional deposit are required for the Panama City rental units that do allow dogs, and the standard rental fee generally falls at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Guests who choose a Panama City rental have access to a wide variety of activities in the area, including sky diving, scuba diving and snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming, wind surfing, jet skiing, and fishing. In addition, there are six championship golf courses in the area.

Panama City is an excellent location to obtain a rental property, and is sure to provide your family with a great vacation. Panama City rentals are available for nearly every interest and budget range.

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