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Windows Xp Remote Access - How To Use Windows XP Remote Access

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Remote Desktop allows for users to connect to their Windows XP machines from a remote computer, smart phone, or laptop via the internet. This can allow for control over files, applications and documents when not at the originating machine. Remote Desktop is a valuable tool for those who work remotely, need to access their files when away from home or to complete technical support help requests.

Setting up Remote Desktop in Windows XP first requires a computer running Windows XP Professional that is connected to the internet. This computer must be left on and operational in order to access files and use applications remotely. Remote access must be allowed through the settings and network, including having permissions through any firewalls in order to allow for incoming connections. Before incoming connections can be allowed, the host computer must allow the remote requests using the following steps:

  • While signed in as the administrator, click Start, Control Panel and then select Performance and Maintenance.
  • Click System then the Remote tab and select the options to allow remote assistance and to allow users to remotely connect to the host computer.

    A computer running at least Windows 95 with a Remote Desktop client installed is required in order to access the host computer. The client computer may connect to the host through either a VPN or by using the IP address of the host computer. Once the settings have been configured, it is time to remotely connect to the host computer through a remote desktop client.

    In order to connect to the host computer from a remote computer click Start, Run and type in mstsc or navigate to the remote desktop application. Enter the host name or the IP address of the computer into the box and click connect. You may be asked to authenticate or sign in as an administrator in order to be able to continue to access the computer. After connecting to the host computer, applications and files may be used and accessed as needed. The remote connection may also be minimized in order to use the client computer for other purposes.

    To end a remote desktop session, simply select the log off option or close the remote desktop window or application. This connection may be resumed at any point as needed so long as the host computer remains online.
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    over 4 years ago

    Nice post. One can use Microsoft RDC tool in Windows XP, in order to establish remote connection between computers on same network. For establishing remote connection between computers of different networks, one can use various 3rd party remote support services such as logmeinrescue, gosupportnow, GoToMyPC etc. or can even consider deployment of on premise remote support appliance such as RHUB or Bomgar appliances.