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Ohio University Jobs - Ohio University Jobs for Students

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Students who attend Ohio University can access the University’s employment website to view and apply for jobs. There is a user-friendly menu that students can use to search the job postings. Students can search for jobs at the main campus in Athens or at one of the regional campuses by using this portal.

The job category most students will want to select when searching for Ohio University jobs is that of student – hourly. Students do not have to choose a department; by leaving that field blank, jobs for all departments at Ohio University will populate. If the student knows the job title he or she wishes to apply for, they can search by that specific title. If not, it is alright to leave that field blank also.

Once the search results have been returned, students can click on a specific job in order to view the entire job listing. The job listing contains the job description, rate of pay, information concerning who can apply for the position, and other important information. Students who are interested in a certain position may apply for it on the site. Once a student has completed a job application, it will be easy to apply for other positions as he can submit the same application without having to fill out the information each time.

Students must be enrolled at least half-time to apply for Ohio University jobs. However, there is no GPA requirement and students don’t have to qualify for financial need in order to be eligible for a position. Best of all, since all the jobs are tied to the university, employers will work around students’ schedules.

There is another program at Ohio University that students looking for work may want to explore. It is the PACE program, and it is sponsored by the university. PACE stands for the Program to Aid Career Exploration, and it is like an internship. Students can work up to ten hours per week, and they are paid at the state minimum wage rate. In order to qualify for the PACE program, students must have already completed 30 hours of undergraduate work, be a current undergraduate, and have at least a 2.3 GPA. Students must also be able to demonstrate financial need, and they must be currently enrolled in at least 12 semester hours. The PACE program is great for students who want to build their resumes, and it will give them a chance to gain valuable work experience.

Students will find other helpful information related to employment at Ohio University on the same website. There is information about eligibility requirements and the payroll procedure, as well as information about job orientation and training. Students who have additional questions about the procedures involving employment can contact the Human Resources department at the university. Students interested in the Federal Work-Study program or in the PACE program can contact the office of Financial Aid at the university.

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