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Pictures Of Flags - Teaching with Pictures of Flags

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Far too many children have very little knowledge about geography and other countries. Using pictures of flags creatively, you can help your child learn about the world they live in and the many cultures that exist. Pictures of flags are excellent teaching tools because they are colorful, which can hold the interests of young children. Below are some ways that you can incorporate pictures of flags into teaching tools for young children. You can even teach kids that are not in school since it’s never too early to get a head start on learning about geography.

Using pictures of flags is a great way to teach kids the different countries of the world. In order to do this, print out a map of a region on the globe from the internet or buy an atlas or a globe. For example, you could select North America. Have the kids help you to find pictures of the flags for each country on the internet. As you do so, point out the colors of each country’s flags and any particular design elements that make the flag unique. For instance, the first flag that you may pick with your children could be that of the United States of America. Using an internet search engine, find a picture of the flag of the USA and explain the basic colors. Red represents valor and hardiness, white stands for purity and honesty, and blue stands for justice. You can go on explaining that the 13 stripes stand for the original colonies and the 50 stars represent each state. After explaining about the flag, have the kids draw and color a replica of it. If the kids are not old enough to accurately draw the flag by hand, they can trace it or you can make a photocopy for them to color. Finally, have them place the flag on the map above the country that it represents. By doing this, the kids will learn several things at once. They’ll learn about the flag, its colors, the country that it belongs to, and the location of the country. Repeat this process over and over again for all of the other countries in the world. Within a few weeks, your children will have a better grasp of geography and some basic history information for each country.

Another thing that you can do to help your kids learn about geography and different cultures is to have them do a small report on the country. Show the kids a lot of flags from all over the world and let them pick their favorite. Children are drawn to colorful pictures and by letting them choose their favorite, they’re more likely to be interested in doing some research on the subject. Have the kids find out what country the flag belongs to and then let them write a small report on the country, listing a few basic and useful facts.

You can also use pictures of flags to create a decorative boarder in your child’s room. Many wallpaper companies make designs that depict flags from all over the world. Let your child pick which flags he wants to put in his room and use the decorating as a learning experience. Help your child to research what flags are being put up on the wall and a little information about the countries that they represent. You could also add a map of the Earth wall mural to the room, which would complete the geographic look.

Finally, you can have your children create their own flags, which will exercise their imaginations and creative abilities along with their social studies skills. Use brightly colored construction paper, scissors, and glue to fashion the flags. Have your children think about the reasons that they are choosing the colors and designs that they do like the craftsmen and women who created the real flags of the world did. After they’re completed, you can use a hole punch to add holes so that you can thread the flag with string. You can then proudly display the flag throughout the house or in the yard.

Teaching your children using pictures of flags is an easy way to increase their knowledge and understanding about a wide range of subjects. Not only will they learn about the world around them, but they’ll also have a fun time doing it.

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