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Lincoln Park Home - The Advantages of Owning a Lincoln Park Home

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When inquiring about a Lincoln Park home, there are a number of attractive styles that catch the eye, not to mention all the amenities in the area that are available to prospective home buyers. With a Lincoln Park home comes the beautiful scenery, well staffed public and private educational facilities, various shopping outlets, entertainment, fine restaurants, museums, golfing, and many other attractions that make buying a Lincoln Park home a smart decision. Being a great place to raise a family, a home in Lincoln Park is a solid lifetime investment that can yield stability and structure for years to come.

Lincoln Park’s history dates back to the mid 19th century and the name is believed to have come from former United States president, Abraham Lincoln. The homes in the area, at that time, were built from inexpensive wood frames and were eventually torn down. Since then, the Lincoln Park area has gone through some structural changes and eventually became highly sought-after real estate. During the 1950s, artists, teachers, writers, and other professionals moved into the neighborhood. Twenty years later, Lincoln Park homes became occupied by bankers, lawyers and business executives. The park itself now stretches for 7 miles, and is Chicago’s largest.

Lincoln Park home styles are quite diverse, ranging from the earlier Colonial era and Victorian brickwork models, and to the later models built from concrete and richly colored wood. Greystone and Old Town styles are also included in a long list of homes in the Lincoln Park area.

Primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational facilities available to the public include Abraham Lincoln Elementary School and Oscar Mayer Elementary School. Lincoln Park High School is the only one in town, and it has been serving the community since 1900. De Paul University, founded in 1898, has also been an educational staple for local, national, and exchange students over the last century.

The Lincoln Park home area also provides private sector schools, such as The British School of Chicago and the Latin School of Chicago. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago is a K thru 8 school, and the Francis W. Parker School provides quality education from kindergarten to the 12th grade.

The Lincoln Park home environment is just minutes away from a multitude of dining establishments. Whether craving Steak and/or seafood, Mexican or Spanish food, Asian, Italian, or international food, Lincoln Park has it all. From fine dining to cafes, and from grills to fast food, most any budget can be accommodated. Some restaurants provide live entertainment; sports bars give fans something to cheer about while sharing a meal.

Other entertainment venues near Lincoln Park homes include museums, Jazz &Blues clubs, festivals, cinema, casinos, arcades, art galleries, and the botanical gardens. Recreational activities include the Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course, also known as “Waveland," and the Montrose Harbor provides docking facilities and gives boaters access to the Chicago River.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is an all-day event. Reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals from near and far inhabit the grounds. Zoo scientists hope to educate visitors while tour guides fascinate customers who travel down the Nature Boardwalk, where they’ve created a new urban ecosystem.

The neighborhood of Lincoln Park is reachable through mass transit, or the Chicago Transit Authority. The Purple, Brown, and Red lines regularly enter and exit the Fullerton Station. When traveling by car, Interstate 90/94 is the main highway from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

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